News & Analysis: Health workers

The double danger that faces emergency medics: the deadly virus and attacks from communities

“There have been 40 attacks on emergency medical staff in the Western Cape since the start of the lockdown. It’s become such an issue that provincial health authorities are looking into getting body cams for staff, said an official from the emergency medical services.”

via Daily Maverick

South Africa: Study reveals overstaffed KwaZulu-Natal municipalities were never ready for COVID-19

“Research in KwaZulu-Natal found that some municipalities in the province had bloated staff complements and were unprepared for the pandemic, leaving them unable to deal with the challenge. Municipalities need to ‘proactively train their staff, councillors and communities so that the impact of disasters can be minimised when they occur.'”

via Daily Maverick

How COVID-19 has affected my mental health as a doctor

“During epidemics doctors face moral dilemmas forcing them to make decisions against their conscience — such as having to follow treatment guidelines designed to cope with limited resources. COVID-19 is no different.”

via Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism

COVID-19 is showing us how to improve health systems—sometimes by disrupting them

“Amidst all of the tragedy this pandemic has unleashed, something else is happening, too: By forcing governments and others to really look at health systems, it’s revealing opportunities for change.”

via Gates Foundation

COVID-19 is showing us how to improve health systems—sometimes by disrupting them

“The pandemic further threatens weak health systems. Building stronger and more resilient health systems means focusing on women’s care and supporting health care workers.”

via Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

COVID-19 in Ethiopia: No care for the caregivers

“COVID-19 has brought an unprecedented strain on Ethiopia’s already frail healthcare system and the workers in it. The federal ministry of health has made some efforts to tackle some of the very common challenges related to the pandemic. However, healthcare professionals still complain of a shortage of PPE among many other things.”

via Addis Standard

Senegal to Expand Health System After COVID-19 Exposes Needs

“Senegal will recruit 1,500 additional health workers and raise 500 billion CFA francs ($893 million) to modernize hospitals and build new facilities.”

via Bloomberg

Morocco’s Health Sector Suffers Lack of Human, Financial Resources

“Morocco’s health sector continues to suffer from a shortage in qualified human resources, as well as an insufficient budget. While the majority of indicators are progressing on a positive path, only time will tell if Morocco can ensure the good health and well-being of its population by 2030—the deadline of the UN SDGs.”

via Morocco World News

Zimbabwe Seeks to Slow Exodus of Doctors as Economy Collapses

“Zimbabwe is seeking to tighten the rules on how a certificate which its doctors need in order to get work abroad is issued as medical professionals flee the country’s collapsing economy.”

via Bloomberg

Impact of COVID-19: Health and community

“COVID-19 has upended healthcare systems and derailed non-COVID-19 related treatments. Facing this, traditional and religious leaders, as well as community health workers, are playing a pivotal role.”

via International Growth Centre