News & Analysis: Medical supplies and PPE

Kenyans suffer as hospitals face acute oxygen shortage

“We used to refill the oxygen at around 2,000 Kenyan shillings ($20). Now the price has soared, and the demand is high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a refill costs us two or three times the amount because there’s a shortage.”

via Anadolu Agency

Africa CDC’s John Nkengasong on a Vaccine Game Plan for the Continent and His Greatest Worry

“What worries me most is that the continent doesn’t get its vaccination program in order in a timely fashion. That means we have to pursue an aggressive process not a passive process.”

via COVID HQ Africa

Kenya: The urgent search for life-saving medical oxygen

“In a recent survey of emergency care centres across Kenya, over 30 percent of the facilities did not have a regular supply of oxygen. Close to 90 percent of those with oxygen did not have piped oxygen in the emergency department and delivered oxygen directly from the tanks to the patient.”

via The Star

COVID-19: A Critical Time for the Global Right to Health

Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, argues the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many health systems as inadequately financed, underprepared for managing complex emergencies, and suffering from a lack of agility to respond without threatening the delivery of other health services.

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Kenya ‘runs out of ICU beds’ amid COVID-19 surge

“Kenya has run out of ICU beds as the country deals with a surge in COVID-19 cases, the doctors’ union has said… Several doctors have been sharing their experiences on social media, describing heart-breaking scenes they are witnessing in hospitals across the country.”

via BBC

Four lessons from COVID-19 to help African leaders prepare for next pandemic

“African leaders must end the over-dependence on foreign aid and be self-sufficient in vaccinating Africans. In the face of vaccine nationalism by richer western nations, this is the right thing to do to prepare for the next pandemic.”

via The Africa Report

Vivian Nwakah: Advancing Equitable Access to Safer Medication in Africa

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Vivian Nwakah, Founder and CEO of Medsaf, about addressing the inefficiencies and inequalities in African healthcare systems.

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Zimbabwe: Sally Mugabe Hospital Midwives Down Tools Over COVID-19 PPE

“Midwives running Sally Mugabe Hospital’s maternity ward have withdrawn their services over lack of COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment. The health workers have also blamed health minister and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for alleged failure to listen to their concerns.”

via New Zimbabwe

Fault Lines between National and County Officials Push Kenyan Health Workers to the Brink

Kenyan health workers are pushing the government to honor agreements made in December, but negotiations have exposed fault lines between county and national officials. John Mbati reports from Nairobi.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Zimbabwe health system at risk due to COVID-19 strain

“Zimbabwe’s health system is at risk of being overwhelmed as a renewed surge in coronavirus infections has caused a shortage of beds and equipment at hospitals.”

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