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Kenya’s Frontline Health Workers Are Dying From COVID-19

Hundreds of health workers in Kenya have contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic, and 31 have died from the virus. Health workers are now asking for more protections, and a major trade union is preparing a strike.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Cost of COVID-19 Vaccine in Roll-Out Plan in Kenya

“Kenyans could pay as low as Ksh 327 or as high as Ksh 2,725 for a COVID-19 vaccine depending on the type that will be approved by the Ministry of Health. Astra Zeneca stated that it would sell its vaccine to developing countries at US $3 (Ksh 327). Other vaccines on the market include one made by Pfizer which will cost nearly Ksh 2,000 a dose and Moderna’s which trades at between Ksh1,635 and Ksh2,725.”


East Africa: COVID-19 invades banks, slows down earnings

“Banks’ performance was largely impacted by increased provision on loans and advances in the wake of increased risk of credit default associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via The East African

Kenya: Horror of Covid-sick doctors forced to treat patients

“If doctors get the virus and show no symptoms, they are still made to work. Only those with symptoms or who are severely ill are excluded from duty. We’re putting our lives and those of patients at risk.”

via Daily Nation

COVID-19 and cultural rites

“In a Kenya coping with COVID-19 restrictions, circumcision season presents an impossible choice between tradition and civil obedience.”

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The Problem-solver

“When COVID-19 struck Africa and country-wide lockdowns began, Obi Ozor, founder and CEO of Kobo360 —an African company that is digitizing cargo delivery and connecting truck drivers with cargo companies—knew he had to act fast. The only way the business would outlast the pandemic, he realized, was if Kobo360’s operations went 100 percent digital.”

via IFC

In reversal, Kenya plans to defer $690 million in debt payments under G20 initiative

“Kenya has changed its mind about a G20 coronavirus debt relief initiative it declined to join earlier this year, and is now planning to defer around $690 million in debt payments, its finance minister told Reuters on Wednesday.”

via Reuters

Data for decision making in the COVID-19 crisis

“The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis. For governments to respond effectively, policymakers need quality data on the prevalence of the virus and its various social and economic impacts.”

via International Growth Centre

COVID-19 in schools: List of institutions that have reported positive cases since reopening

“Since schools were reopened on October 12, at least one teacher has died, one learner developed serious illness and over 100 have tested positive for COVID-19. The government has, however, insisted it would not close all schools to contain the surging menace arguing it is using a ‘surgical approach’ to curb spread.”

via Tuko

Redesigning Urban Markets Post-COVID-19

“Across the world, policies have been unable to quarantine inequalities. As African cities rebuild their economy, the urban market, formal or informal, can be the space that brings people together, creates employment and adds life to the city.”

via Inter Press Service News