News & Analysis: Kenya

Health crisis as COVID-19 sweeps East Africa

“East Africa is in the throes of a public health crisis as its healthcare systems sag under the weight of a rapid third wave of COVID-19, largely blamed on the deadly Delta strain.”

via The East African

Lessons from COVID-19: What Shouldn’t Stop After the Pandemic

“We can count how many amazing things COVID-19 took away from us, and we can also choose to see what COVID-19 has done for us.”

via COVID HQ Africa

What Happens When the Vaccine Factory of the World Can’t Deliver?

“India stopped exporting COVID-19 vaccines in mid-April, leaving Covax and the 92 low-income and lower-middle-income countries that depend on the program in the lurch. The shortfall is estimated to be at 190 million doses by the end of June.”

via New York Times

The stark global divide in the COVID-19 pandemic

“COVAX has relied heavily on Indian developers for supplies, but deliveries have now stalled as India grapples with a violent resurgence of the pandemic. With more than 930,000 people inoculated in Kenya so far, vaccines are expected to be exhausted in the coming days.”

via CNN

A billion-dollar COVID-19 deal linked to Kenya attracted the attention of US regulators

“In Kenya, citizens have protested allegations of corruption in the procurement and supply of COVID-19 equipment worth $71.96 million by a government agency. But the latest scandal to envelop the country has had international implications, pulling in a Canadian firm and American regulators.”

via Quartz Africa

Kenya: Gov’t Targeting 30 Million Doses of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

“The CS said the government was working with the African Union to cover the vaccine for the 60% adult population.”

via Tuko

COVID-19: Over 900,000 Kenyans have received AstraZeneca vaccine

“A total of 917,068 Kenyan had been inoculated with their first dose of the Covad-19 AstraZeneca vaccine as of Monday.”

via The Star

COVID-19: Africans are Hospitalized and Dying in India

As India’s COVID-19 disaster continues to unfold, Africans in the country are facing grim health risks and financial hardships, with uncertain prospects of when they will be able to return home.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Kenya: Gov’t to Redeploy Vaccines from Low Uptake Areas to Where Demand is High

“There were people in certain parts of the country who were hesitant to take the vaccine, forcing the government to redeploy the vaccines.”

via Tuko

Don’t drop COVID-19 guard despite restrictions ease

“We are not out of the woods and each one of us must be responsible and not let down our guard lest we end up like India.”

via The Star