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Human rights and vulnerable youth in the time of COVID-19: Challenges and lessons by the African Youth Front on Coronavirus

“The African Youth Front on Coronavirus has expounded that the COVID-19 pandemic is not only a health and economic crisis, but also a human rights crisis. The Youth Envoy has curated the concept of intergenerational co-leadership, which is a much-needed strategy to stimulate solidarity among generations and bring more youths to decision-making and leadership positions.”

via Accord

As Africa’s COVID-19 cases rise, religious faith put to test

“The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the patience of some religious leaders across Africa who worry they will lose followers, and funding, as restrictions on gatherings continue.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

Kenyan cops cash in on COVID-19

“In Kenya, not wearing a mask in public carries a penalty of 20,000 shillings or six months imprisonment. Since the onset of COVID-19, the government has used the police to enforce health regulations — which has not gone well on several occasions.”

via Mail & Guardian

“He Saved Us When Nobody Was there for Us”

“With makeshift masks on, one by one, they walk to the food distribution counter and are presented a plate of food and a sachet of water. The Honorary Consul General of India in Liberia, Upjit Singh Sachdeva, has been doing this for more than a hundred consecutive days, in some of the most impecunious communities of the Liberian capital, Monrovia.”

via Daily Observer (Liberia)

Building Back a Better Africa: Intergenerational Co-leadership and the African Youth Front on Coronavirus

“Many countries are now starting to lift the lockdowns and relax the earlier stringent movement restrictions. The African Youth Front on Coronavirus believes that this is the best period to address the issues which were revealed as a result of the pandemic.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Governments reject UN report slamming rights abuses during pandemic

“As Winnie Byanyima celebrates her first anniversary as Executive Director of UNAIDS, storm clouds circle her campaigning style… For her opponents, including Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, she continues to take the stance of the civil society activist instead of adapting to international protocols.”

via Africa Confidential

Fighting the pandemic in the global South

“Global South countries now occupy six spots in the top ten of the world most affected countries by the coronavirus: namely Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and India. And things are about to get worse.”

via Africa is a Country

COVID-19 and the youth: Opportunities in information and communications

“By tapping into opportunities within information and communications, the youth can help convert the internet into a productive infrastructure during COVID-19 and simultaneously tame its negative effects, such as cyber bulling and online fraud.”

via Africa Portal

Patients evacuated as doctors’ strike continues (Ekiti State, Nigeria)

“The indefinite strike embarked on by doctors in Ekiti State has paralysed activities in public hospitals, as patients have been evacuated to seek treatment in private hospitals.”

via The Nation (Nigeria)

Press briefing on Zimbabwe: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

“We are concerned at allegations in Zimbabwe, which suggest that the authorities may be using the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext to clamp down on freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”

via UN High Commissioner for Human Rights