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Interview with Gayle Smith: Building Global Leadership for an Inclusive COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Gayle Smith, President and CEO of the ONE Campaign, about the global response to COVID-19, inclusive access to an eventual vaccine, and the role of civil society in responding to the pandemic.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

How have Malawi’s courts affected the country’s epidemic response?

“Lockdown measures in Malawi have been met with fierce public demonstrations and legal challenges, set against further constitutional orders to rerun the previous year’s election.”

via Africa at LSE

A third of South African doctors have suffered verbal or physical abuse during COVID-19 pandemic

“Health-care professionals in South Africa already faced myriad daily challenges before COVID-19. The pandemic has worsened these challenges. Already burdened health resources are being stretched further, doctors are worried for the safety of their patients and their own families, and are now facing compounding threats of abuse from the very people they care for.”

via Sunday Times

Algeria: Preparing for the long struggle ahead

“Due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, the Hirak movement decided to halt its weekly protests and marches in mid-March. But the amazing energy and dynamic created by this magnificent revolution has not disappeared. It metamorphosed into health campaigns and solidarity actions with the needy and most vulnerable in society.”

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Exposed: Limits of State and Public Trust during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kenya

“The containment measures and actions have brought into focus the contours of state power, preferred tactics of deploying that power, levels of preparedness, and functionality of the state systems in times of crisis. More importantly, they have exposed the nature of the relationship between the state and citizenry.”

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The Pandemic Is Not Good For Freedom And Democracy. But There Are Exceptions

“Only one country reported a positive trend over the past few months: Malawi.”

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Italy’s use of ferries to quarantine migrants comes under fire

“Outrage is growing among human rights advocates at the use of commercial ferries by Italian authorities to quarantine asylum seekers and migrants due to COVID-19 – not just new arrivals, but also people from reception centres inland who have been in Italy for years.”

via The New Humanitarian

South Africa: Necessary measures needed to avoid COVID-19 resurgence

“South Africa’s stringent lockdown earlier this year may have saved lives by containing the spread of COVID-19. New COVID-19 infections have been declining and lockdown restrictions relaxed. But this has triggered fears of a new wave of infections.”

via The Africa Report

Why African cities should have engaged non-state actors in the fight against COVID-19

“Urban governance that incorporates collective organisation, community groups, non-state and informal actors, offers scope in the battle against COVID-19 in Africa.”

via The Conversation

Kogi: COVID-19 lockdown fueled #ENDSARS protests

“Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has stated that the #EndSARS protests and looting spree witnessed across the country, was the fallout of the long period of lockdown across the country to contain the spread of COVID-19.”

via The Nation (Nigeria)