News & Analysis: 4IR and digital transition

The Initial Policy Response to COVID-19 from African Central Banks

In response to COVID-19, African central banks have deployed a variety of monetary policy tools, including lowering policy rates, reducing capital requirements, providing various liquidity support measures to the banking sector, allowing loan deferrals and refinancing frameworks for distressed firms, and introducing new support measures mobile money and digital finance.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Cameroon hospitals turn to telemedicine as patients flee over COVID-19 scare

“Some health facilities in Cameroon are turning to telemedicine as patients have been keeping away from and fleeing medical facilities for fear of contracting the coronavirus COVID-19.”

via The East African

Coronavirus: Now is the time to invest in Africa’s creative industries

“Despite the effects of COVID-19, Africa’s young creative industries remain ripe for investment opportunities. African music, film, and fashion continue to gain global popularity, with companies like Netflix and Universal Music Group expanding their presence on the continent.”

via The Africa Report

Africa Is More Resilient Than You Think

“Despite apocalyptic predictions, Africa may be better positioned than many think to weather the combined shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, collapsing commodity prices, and global economic recession, assuming its leaders act wisely. While African economies’ performance has varied, overall progress during the last two decades has made the continent more resilient than ever before.”

via Project Syndicate

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Zambia: Digital Economy Diagnostic Report

“The Zambia Digital Economy Diagnostic, a new report developed by the World Bank, finds that Zambia is making significant strides towards the use of digital tools to achieve the social and economic transformation goals set forth in its Vision 2030.”

via World Bank

UN, telcos in Africa take on COVID-19 with AI and digital service

“The Africa Communications Intelligence Platform will be deployed on mobile phones via text and voice messaging in at least 23 African countries in its first phase, UNECA said. It will offer coronavirus-related health tips, feature a symptom checker and allow users to take short health and economic surveys related to the pandemic.”

via CNN

Interview with Malado Kaba: COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of Africa’s Public Sector

Malado Kaba, former Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Guinea, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about the potential for digital disruption in government and public service in the wake of the current pandemic.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

World Bank Approves $US500 Million to support Morocco’s financial and digital inclusion reforms

“The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today a US$500 million Financial and Digital Inclusion Development Policy Financing program, which will support key policy reforms to promote an enabling environment for digital transformation.”

via World Bank

You’ve Got Money: Mobile Payments Help People During the Pandemic

“Mobile money is as an effective and physical-distancing-friendly option to deliver cash transfers in large scale, given that ownership and use of mobile phones in emerging and developing economies is very high.”

via IMF

African countries unite to create ‘one stop shop’ to lower cost of COVID-19 tests and PPE

“African countries have pulled together to set up a one-stop shop to give the continent a fairer chance in the international scramble for COVID-19 test kits, protective equipment and any vaccines that emerge. The Africa Medical Supplies Platform will work like eBay or Amazon, unlocking access to supplies across the continent, and could save billions of pounds.”

via The Guardian