News & Analysis: 4IR and digital transition

Hustle at the Border for Zimbabwean Traders

On top of missed income opportunities caused by the freeze of productive activities, many women traders in Zimbabwe suffered economic losses from goods that have remained unsold and, in many cases, gone to waste because of their perishable nature.

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Interview with Dr. Samira Asma: Using Data for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Dr. Samira Asma, WHO Assistant Director-General for Data, Analytics and Delivery for Impact about the importance of data in preparing for and responding to health crises.

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Zipline begins world’s first ever drone delivery of covid-19 vaccines in Ghana

“Nearly half of Ghana’s population lives outside of cities, and those 12 million people are difficult to reach with time-limited, cold chain-dependent vaccines. Zipline’s network provides Ghana with a resilient, efficient and equitable distribution strategy.”

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Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery: Can Technology Alone Lift African Economies?

Professor Danny Leipziger of George Washington University discusses the role of technology in shaping the future of Sub-Saharan Africa after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 and E-Governance: Lessons from South Africa

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored global dependence on the Internet. In the face of travel restrictions and lockdowns, social media has emerged as a crucial factor in the maintenance of personal relationships, working environments and day-to-day activities.”


Vivian Nwakah: Advancing Equitable Access to Safer Medication in Africa

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Vivian Nwakah, Founder and CEO of Medsaf, about addressing the inefficiencies and inequalities in African healthcare systems.

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African Venture and Startup Predictions for 2021

“The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the African continent, and at the same time accelerated major innovative breakthroughs, including in talent marketplace businesses, pay-as-you-go platforms, and decentralized finance.”

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COVID-19: Making the case for robust digital financial infrastructure

“We find that effective programs have three critical structural features of financial infrastructure: digital payment channels, the presence of a basic digital identification system with broad population coverage, and simple data on individuals and businesses that are tethered to the ID.”

via McKinsey Global Institute

Three pillars of Africa’s COVID-19 recovery

“Returning the world to any kind of recognizable ‘normal’ might take years. Even so, there are ways Africa can speed its economic recovery—and build a stronger, more robust, more competitive post-COVID-19 environment for business growth and job creation.”

via World Bank

COVID-19’s Impact on the Agri-Sharing Economy in Africa: An Interview with Hello Tractor’s Folu Okunade

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Folu Okunade, Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Hello Tractor, about the pandemic’s impacts on small-scale farming and the burgeoning ‘agri-sharing’ economy in Africa.

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