News & Analysis: Gender impacts

Zimbabwe: Expecting mothers bear brunt of pandemic

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19, landlocked southern African country Zimbabwe is reporting increasing cases of stillbirths. Official statistics have counted 97 stillbirths in the main hospital in Harare in five months, mostly due to lack of urgent medical attention as health workers are hesitant to attend to patients, without protective gear.”

via Anadolu Agency

COVID-19 in South Africa: The Outsized Impact on Women in the Informal Economy

“What we have seen in relation to COVID-19 is an amplification of existing fault lines of inequality, particularly in respect of gender.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Life On These Stones Is Very Hard’ – House Helps in COVID-19 Nairobi

“The COVID-19 pandemic has, as for many other Nairobians and house helps elsewhere, produced painful times for women. Socio-economic relations with former employers which have always been precarious and often exploitative can no longer be characterized as reliable. Most importantly, relations have been impersonalized.”

via Developing Economies

The Case for Digital Identity in Africa during and post-COVID-19

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Tunde Fafunwa, Lead Advisor for the UNECA Digital Centre for Excellence, about the importance of digital identity for economic recovery.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

As COVID-19 slows manufacturing demand, a US$6.5 million fund launched to help protect textile industry jobs in Ethiopia

“A landmark fund set up between the UK and Germany in collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia could save thousands of jobs in Ethiopia’s textile and garments industry, while helping to support the country’s economic recovery from COVID-19.”

via Addis Standard

For children in Middle East and North Africa, pandemic adds to misery of displacement

“Coronavirus has created new barriers to education for millions of children displaced by Middle East and North Africa conflicts. Up to 50 percent of refugee girls worldwide are at risk of dropping out of school entirely because of COVID-19.”

via Arab News

The Shadow Pandemic: Inequitable Gendered Impacts of COVID‐19 in South Africa

“Preliminary research and reporting of the effects of COVID‐19 on the South African population indicate that inequitable gendered practises negatively impact women in the general economy, the workplace, and the home.”

via Gender, Work & Organization

African women, children pay the highest price to COVID-19

“Reductions in the use of maternal and child health services due to the pandemic are a tragedy of yet unforeseen proportions. Until risk management and mitigation strategies are put in place at all levels of the health system, the indirect impacts of COVID-19 on women and children will be overwhelming.”

via The New Times

COVID-19 is showing us how to improve health systems—sometimes by disrupting them

“The pandemic further threatens weak health systems. Building stronger and more resilient health systems means focusing on women’s care and supporting health care workers.”

via Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

COVID-19 and Girls’ Education: What We Know So Far and What We Expect

“Many schools around the world remain closed, affecting girls’ education directly. But both research and advocacy pieces highlight a host of other potential concerns that either directly or indirectly affect girls’ education and ultimately, their overall wellbeing.”

via Center for Global Development