Cyril Ramaphosa: ‘South Africa’s economic recovery must be swift and inclusive’

“When it comes to unemployment, the Presidential Employment Stimulus is not about vague commitments for some time in the future, but about jobs being created right here and now.”

via Daily Maverick

Funding for COVID-19 treatments: No one is safe until everyone is

“To provide treatments around the world we need $7.2 billion. So far, only $300 million has been pledged – with vaccines already having received around six times more funding than treatments.”

via African Arguments

Johannesburg cannot police its future

“South Africa’s biggest city is ground zero for debates about the long-term effectiveness and constitutionality of militarized urban policing and how we imagine the post-COVID-19 city.”

via Africa is a Country

The challenges of delivering a COVID-19 vaccine in Africa requires a new approach

“We can and must step up our readiness to do two things: first, train more workers to be COVID-19 experts, and second, distribute the coming vaccine based on lessons learned through continent-wide collaboration rather than through knowledge residing in individual countries alone.”

via Mail & Guardian

Latest COVID-19 stats aren’t cause for panic, but we must take note

“With 2,000 cases daily for the first time since September 21, it’s a reminder that coronavirus hasn’t gone away.”

via Sunday Times

Global Consensus Is Hard to Find. Here’s Where Action Is Still Possible.

“Finance ministers and officials from around the world will gather soon for a virtual annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank. Assembled officials should advance consensus on areas where, regardless of the political outcome in the U.S., collective action will be needed to address the worst development and humanitarian crisis in modern history.”

via Barron's

Covid-19, an opportunity for China in Africa?

“We believe that the Covid-19 pandemic represents an opportunity for China in Africa. Temporarily halted by travel restrictions and disruption of supply chains, the Belt and Road Initiative launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping could then be back on track.”

via A-id: Agenda for International Development

Africa has defied the COVID-19 nightmare scenarios. We shouldn’t be surprised.

“This should have been a moment for media outlets to challenge corrosive narratives about Africa and the idea that Africans are not capable of effective policy-making. We could be learning from the experiences that Africans and their governments have had with pandemics and viral diseases, including Ebola and AIDS.”

via Washington Post

COVID-19 has exposed private sector investment opportunities

“Nearly 1.6 billion people’s livelihoods are now threatened, with the greatest impact being felt by those in the informal sector. However, the pandemic has also brought to the fore numerous opportunities in that the private sector can now harness.”

via Daily Monitor

Time to re-open

“While retaining measures to protect public health wherever possible, the priority is now shifting to opening up economies again. One major pointer towards a return towards normality is that international flights are restarting. While fraught with possible danger, it marks the point where the era of waiting and seeing what Covid-19 will do ends, and the living with the virus stage commences.”

via Africa Confidential