Mayor of Freetown: ‘Cities need inclusive COVID-19 responses to build back stronger. But we can’t do it alone.’

“95% of Covid-19 cases are reported in urban areas. That puts cities on the frontlines of a global public health crisis that is widening the gap between those with the comfort and safety of a home and those forced to leave their homes behind.”

via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

An Africa unconstrained by a self-fulfilling debt narrative will rebound after COVID-19

“Africa’s debt narrative tends to forget the agency of African governments and instead focuses on portraying other players either as saviors or bogeymen.”

via Quartz Africa

Here’s How Africans Can Advocate for Covid-19 Vaccine Equity

“Africans, it is time to take our destinies in our own hands and demand that our leaders do the right things to ensure everyone on the continent gets vaccinated against COVID-19, without waiting for handouts from richer nations.”

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Vaccines for South Africa. Now.

“Astonishingly, even now, in the full knowledge of what we face and with dozens of countries worldwide, including African nations, embarking on mass vaccination programmes against COVID-19, it is distressing to hear senior officials increasingly talking down the prospects for the availability and usefulness of COVID-19 vaccines in South Africa.”

via Daily Maverick

It’s time to fight COVID-19 fatigue in Africa

“With COVID-19 fatigue growing amid a global surge of COVID-19 cases, it is a perfect time to renew public communications, build on the swell of supportive messages from politicians, celebrities and other people and also to correct misinformation that has crept into social media conversations.”

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The Pandemic Public-Debt Dilemma

“Much of the conventional wisdom about how governments should manage the COVID-19 economic fallout is perfectly appropriate for advanced economies, but dangerous elsewhere. Even if developing and emerging economies could simply borrow and spend more to weather the storm, doing so could jeopardize their long-term economic prospects.”

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COVID-19 is accelerating a quiet technology revolution in Africa

“Nearly half of Africa’s economic growth over the next ten to twenty years will be driven by a group of still relatively unknown tech companies.”

via Financial Times

Cyril Ramaphosa: Global response is needed to prevent a debt crisis in Africa

“For three decades, Africa has worked strenuously towards a more sustainable future. The world cannot allow short-term debt dynamics to derail its march towards a green, digitally enabled and globally connected future.”

via Financial Times

Why it’s important to keep diagnosing and treating HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic

“This new pandemic has shifted the projected course of public health resources and existing HIV campaigns. The South African National AIDS Council worries that the progress of multi-year strategic plans has been upended.”

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We must keep COVID-19’s gains in education

“The COVID-19 disaster showed much that is wrong in South Africa, but it also demonstrated that many things can be made a lot better — fast… The zero-rating of local educational websites proved that poorer families can be included in the digital revolution.”

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