COVID-19: A Critical Time for the Global Right to Health

Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, argues the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many health systems as inadequately financed, underprepared for managing complex emergencies, and suffering from a lack of agility to respond without threatening the delivery of other health services.

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Global Financing to End the Pandemic

“Such an unprecedented global undertaking requires strong cooperation, including financial support. Yet the urgency should be clear to all. As long as COVID-19 persists at high rates of transmission anywhere in the world, the pandemic will continue to disrupt global production, trade, and travel, and will also give rise to viral mutations that threaten to undermine previously acquired immunity from past infections and vaccinations.”

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New COVID-19 variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global ‘maximum suppression’

“New ‘variants of concern’ have emerged and spread worldwide, putting current pandemic control efforts, including vaccination, at risk of being derailed. Put simply, the game has changed, and a successful global rollout of current vaccines by itself is no longer a guarantee of victory.”

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Past vaccination campaigns can teach us how to immunise billions

“With porous borders in many countries, it’s important that national governments develop vaccine plans that include cross-border strategies and are inclusive of refugees, migrants, and other displaced populations, regardless of documentation. “

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Economic recovery plans should address gender-based financial exclusion

“The government has initiated various programmes that have helped bridge the gender gap, including propelling women to senior leadership position and increased the enrolment of girls in schools among others. However, some challenges have persisted.”

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Vaccine Nationalism Is Patently Unjust

“The European Union, United States, and Canada have hoarded the vaccine, pre purchasing doses for up to six times their population in some cases.”

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COVID-19 threats facing women are daunting. We cannot be afraid of the challenge

“We’ve just spent the past year building COVAX, a global solution to a global problem. The same principles of solidarity that are delivering COVID-19 vaccines across the world can also deliver on gender equality.”

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Like the common cold, COVID-19 will become endemic

“The coronavirus will not be eradicated. The virus will in fact become endemic, like influenza and the four coronaviruses that cause the common cold. SARS-Cov-2 will continue to spread in pockets globally, causing new outbreaks in countries or regions where public health experts believe it had been eliminated.”

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Is Magufuli’s COVID-19 response a threat to the region

“The impact of Magufuli’s negligence is becoming clearer by the day. Reports suggest a surge in hospital patients suffering from respiratory distress.”

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Will G7 commitment speed up Africa’s vaccine roll-out?

“With Africa lagging behind in the race to roll out Covid-19 vaccines, will recent undertakings by the G7 help to improve access?”

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