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Lessons from COVID-19: What Shouldn’t Stop After the Pandemic

“We can count how many amazing things COVID-19 took away from us, and we can also choose to see what COVID-19 has done for us.”

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COVID-19: Africans are Hospitalized and Dying in India

As India’s COVID-19 disaster continues to unfold, Africans in the country are facing grim health risks and financial hardships, with uncertain prospects of when they will be able to return home.

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Kenya: The First Batch of Vaccines Has Arrived, but the Rollout Has Faced Several Hurdles

In Kenya, the initial rollout of a consignment of 1 million Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has faced several hurdles, including fears about safety and concerns about transparency. Stephanie Wangari reports from Nairobi.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Educational Inequality in Lagos State, Nigeria

In Lagos State, Nigeria, school closures exacerbated previous inequalities in the educational system, as learning from home proved problematic for less fortunate children. And inequalities continue to impact educational access as Nigeria battles a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

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Malawi’s Second Wave: What Lessons from 2020 Can be Applied in 2021?

As a second wave inundates Malawi, public health officials and policymakers are asking, What lessons from Malawi’s mild 2020 experience should be applied in 2021?

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COVID-19 in Kolda: How Geography, Preparedness, and Government Action Helped Senegal’s Poorest Region Avoid the Worst

The region of Kolda in southern Senegal has largely been able to contain COVID-19 due to the region’s isolated geography, national policy decisions, and local pandemic preparedness.

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Fault Lines between National and County Officials Push Kenyan Health Workers to the Brink

Kenyan health workers are pushing the government to honor agreements made in December, but negotiations have exposed fault lines between county and national officials. John Mbati reports from Nairobi.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic is Killing Zimbabwe’s Once-thriving Cross-border Trading Networks

Policies meant to control the spread of COVID-19 have had dramatic negative impacts on Zimbabweans involved in cross-border trade, including in Mutare, a city east of Harare on the border with Mozambique.

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How COVID-19 Disrupted the Livelihoods of Farmers—and Heightened Food Insecurity—in Kenya

In Kenya, COVID-19 restrictions cut off access to agricultural inputs and sowed confusion among farmers. The impacts on food security—and farming livelihoods—could be severe and long-lasting.

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Relaxed COVID-19 Restrictions, But Nigerian Farmers Are Still Counting Losses

Lockdown restrictions to mitigate COVID-19 had severe impacts for farmers in Nigeria, delaying planting and increasing the costs of inputs. Abiodun Jamiu reports from Kwara State.

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