News & Analysis: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Expecting mothers bear brunt of pandemic

“Since the outbreak of COVID-19, landlocked southern African country Zimbabwe is reporting increasing cases of stillbirths. Official statistics have counted 97 stillbirths in the main hospital in Harare in five months, mostly due to lack of urgent medical attention as health workers are hesitant to attend to patients, without protective gear.”

via Anadolu Agency

The Pandemic Is Not Good For Freedom And Democracy. But There Are Exceptions

“Only one country reported a positive trend over the past few months: Malawi.”

via NPR

African money transfer firms thrive as pandemic spurs online remittances

“The pandemic gave remittance companies an advantage over their main competition in Africa: the sprawling informal networks of traders, bus drivers and travellers used by many migrants to send money home.”

via Reuters

Africa: Corruption and COVID‐19’s Effect on Economies

“As Africa cautiously welcomes the positive news that it looks like it will escape the worst ravages of Covid‐19 infections, it is also having to deal with the fallout of several revelations of corruption among officials in their handling of COVID‐19 funds.”

via Policy and Practice

Zimbabwe Seeks to Slow Exodus of Doctors as Economy Collapses

“Zimbabwe is seeking to tighten the rules on how a certificate which its doctors need in order to get work abroad is issued as medical professionals flee the country’s collapsing economy.”

via Bloomberg

Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa’s low fatality rates from pandemic

“In May, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that 190,000 people on the African continent could die if containment measures failed. Yet as the world marks 1 million COVID-19 deaths, Africa is doing much better than expected, with a lower percentage of deaths than other continents.”

via Reuters

Zimbabwe to gradually re-open schools from October 26

“Zimbabwe will gradually re-open primary and secondary schools from Oct. 26 for all pupils, ending a break of seven months. The announcement came after teachers unions said their members would boycott classes to press authorities to pay them a COVID-19 risk allowance and a pay rise.”

via Sunday Times

Africa’s catastrophic COVID-19 response

“As COVID-19 began to sweep across the planet earlier this year, countries on the African continent rushed to follow the lead of rich nations that were visibly struggling to cope with pandemic. Many closed borders, shut businesses and locked down citizens. Such actions won praise from global health bodies. Yet were blunt lockdowns really the right approach in Africa?”

via Unherd

Senegalese delivery startup Yobante Express has expanded to five African markets

“The startup allows anyone travelling in the same general direction as the parcel and anyone with a shop or physical location to make money as part of its network. Yobante Express now active in five African markets outside of its home country as it continues to expand its solution across the continent.”

via Disrupt Africa

Africa’s agricultural sector faces up to COVID-19 crisis

“African farmers have begun to experiment with apps and new technologies. Meanwhile, policymakers and relief organisations are refocusing on food production and provision. Pioneering policymakers are prioritising food security and shifting to clean energy sources, such as hydroelectric and solar.”

via African Business Magazine