News & Analysis: Zimbabwe

Africa’s catastrophic COVID-19 response

“As COVID-19 began to sweep across the planet earlier this year, countries on the African continent rushed to follow the lead of rich nations that were visibly struggling to cope with pandemic. Many closed borders, shut businesses and locked down citizens. Such actions won praise from global health bodies. Yet were blunt lockdowns really the right approach in Africa?”

via Unherd

Senegalese delivery startup Yobante Express has expanded to five African markets

“The startup allows anyone travelling in the same general direction as the parcel and anyone with a shop or physical location to make money as part of its network. Yobante Express now active in five African markets outside of its home country as it continues to expand its solution across the continent.”

via Disrupt Africa

Africa’s agricultural sector faces up to COVID-19 crisis

“African farmers have begun to experiment with apps and new technologies. Meanwhile, policymakers and relief organisations are refocusing on food production and provision. Pioneering policymakers are prioritising food security and shifting to clean energy sources, such as hydroelectric and solar.”

via African Business Magazine

As Africa’s COVID-19 cases rise, religious faith put to test

“The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the patience of some religious leaders across Africa who worry they will lose followers, and funding, as restrictions on gatherings continue.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

The AfCFTA’s effects on trade and wages in Africa

“AfCFTA, if implemented fully, could boost regional income by $450 billion, bring 30 million people out of extreme poverty, and raise the incomes of 68 million others who live on less than $5.50 a day.”

via Brookings Institution

Southern Africa: Why risk financing is critically important during COVID-19 recovery

“We don’t know how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, but the prospect of finding an effective vaccine is likely. In contrast, the risk of climatic shocks remains. Many countries in the Southern Africa region have taken the first steps in increasing their financial preparedness to respond to shocks.”

via World Bank

I’m a Zimbabwean doctor. The crisis is even worse than you think.

“The reason they died is because Zimbabwe’s health system is simply not functioning as we speak.”

via African Arguments

Zimbabwe Agriculture Minister Dies of COVID-19

“Zimbabwe’s Agriculture Minister has died of COVID-19 at the age of 65, a day after two legislators tested positive for the disease.”

via The East African

Myths on COVID-19 pandemic spread across Zimbabwe

“Some Zimbabweans say COVID-19 thrives in winter, while some… claim the disease is less deadly for black Africans. But even amid these claims, cases of the dreaded novel coronavirus have been rising across Zimbabwe, with deaths now recorded almost daily.”

via Anadolu Agency

Zimbabwe Suspends Parliament After Two Members Contract COVID-19

“Zimbabwe has suspended most parliamentary business after two lawmakers and two other people tested positive for the coronavirus.”

via Bloomberg