News & Analysis: Ghana

Ghana: Port activities see further decline as int’l trade suffers

“Activities at the country’s two major harbours, Tema and Takoradi, continue to experience a decline as trade between Ghana and other countries remain negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”

via Business & Financial Times (Ghana)

Not waiting for a savior

“The picture of how successfully Africa has combated COVID-19 to date may be up for discussion, but the innovation and ingenuity demonstrated in the continent’s response to the pandemic deserves to be reflected in writing on the global response.”

via Africa is a Country

African debt to China: ‘A major drain on the poorest countries’

“China’s share of bilateral debt owed by the world’s poorest countries to members of the G20 has risen from 45 percent in 2015 to 63 percent last year, according to the World Bank. For many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, China’s share of bilateral debt is larger still.”

via Financial Times

How should we evaluate lockdowns? Disentangling Effectiveness, Context, and Politics

“In the early stages of the pandemic, there was significant pressure and urgency to respond. Now several months into the response, we are better equipped to assess the effectiveness and necessity of lockdowns, and to determine the most appropriate package of interventions to combat COVID-19.”

via Center for Global Development

$100M genomic sequencing initiative launches in Africa

“A $100 million initiative launched this week that aims to expand next-generation genomic sequencing tools and expertise across the African continent, which experts say could be used to tackle disease outbreaks more effectively.”

via Devex

African Debt: At some point, the hole becomes just too big to fill

“Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and others have all announced new borrowing initiatives that will only exacerbate the current financial crisis. And what’s worse is that they’re largely planning on using the proceeds from raw material sales to repay those loans. But by the time those loans come due, commodities won’t be nearly as valuable as they are today.”

via The Africa Report

Ghanaian finance minister: Africa deserves more COVID-19 help

“Africa has recorded more than 1.5m cases and counting, though in terms of infections and deaths, we have fared better than most regions. Our economies, however, have not been spared. Across the continent, governments are facing falling revenues, rising expenditures, increasing debt distress, and significant reversals in development indicators.”

via Financial Times

Corona Life: Ghana Changing Behavior through a Drama Series

“Corona Life, a televised mini-series in Twi, the local language, uses drama (and humor) to educate the general public on how to adapt to a new normal.”

via World Bank

A policy trade-off? The impacts of stringent COVID-19 lockdowns

“New evidence suggests more moderate virus containment measures may be as effective in saving lives as stringent lockdowns – while saving economies.”

via International Growth Centre

Ghana: Bourse sees upturn in September as bond market rebounds

“The Ghana Stock Exchange has witnessed a recovery in September, driven primarily by activities in the bond market and Ghana Fixed Income Market after a topsy-turvy performance in August.”

via BFT Online