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The promise of digitising cash transfers in sub-Saharan Africa during COVID-19 and beyond

“This year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced governments to grapple with difficult questions regarding lockdowns, contact tracing and the provision of emergency financial assistance to citizens now without work. In developing countries, these hardships are magnified with the World Bank estimating that remittances – money transfers sent from foreign workers to their home countries – to low and middle-income countries (LMICs) are projected to fall by 19.7 percent (from $554 billion in 2019 to $445 billion in 2020). Considering the significant role that remittances play in alleviating poverty and improving nutrition, many governments have turned to mobile cash transfers for vulnerable citizens to use while minimising COVID-19 exposure.”

via Africa Portal

People in rural communities urged to take COVID-19 seriously (Ghana)

“People living in rural communities have been urged to take the outbreak of the coronavirus seriously and adhere strictly to all preventive protocols to stay safe from the virus.”

via Business Ghana

China dithers on Africa debt forgiveness over ‘complex’ loans

“In June, President Xi said China would cancel interest-free debt owed by ‘relevant’ African countries as part of Beijing’s move to help the continent during the COVID-19 pandemic. But most of China’s debt is concessional or issued by private entities meaning the credit is harder to forgive.”

via The East African

COVID-19 speeds up interest in home ownership (Ghana)

“The Coronavirus pandemic has spiked the interest of Ghanaians in the diaspora and renters in the country to bring forward the urge to purchase their own homes and lands for building their dream homes as fears of renters grow over homeowners spiking rents when they are due.”

via Business & Financial Times

African Development Bank Group supports Ghana’s COVID-19 response plan with $69 million grant

“The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund on Friday approved a $69 million grant to support Ghana’s efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate its socio-economic impact on the nation.”

via AfDB

Pact to aid poor cocoa farmers in peril as COVID-19 hits demand

“The steepest dive in cocoa demand in a decade has thrown into jeopardy a plan by top producers Ivory Coast and Ghana to guarantee some two million farmers a living wage, sources within the countries’ regulators said.”

via Reuters

World Bank Supports Jobs, Skills Development and Digital Transformation in Ghana

“The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved $315 million from the International Development Association to support job creation, skills development and digital transformation in Ghana. This financing includes $200 million for the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project and an additional financing of $115 million for the eTransform Ghana Project.”

via World Bank

Coronavirus: Ghana ‘quack doctors’ selling ‘cure’

“An underworld of quack doctors and con-men have been exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and making money selling fake coronavirus cures. Investigative reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas goes undercover in Ghana, exposing a COVID-19 scam said to be worth thousands of dollars.”

via BBC

IMF Press Conference on the Regional Economic Outlook Update for Sub-Saharan Africa

“Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is now expected to contract by 3.2 percent in 2020, this is double the contraction we expected in April. It represents by far the worst performance on record. It implies a 7 percentage points swing from the growth we were expecting prior to the crisis for 2020.”

via IMF

Coronavirus: How Africa’s supply chains are evolving

“The coronavirus lockdown measures imposed by governments around the world have caused severe disruption to supply chains.”

via BBC