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The Intergenerational Mortality Tradeoff of COVID-19 Lockdown Policies

“In some countries, lockdowns can produce net increases in mortality. The optimal lockdowns are shorter and milder in poorer countries than in rich ones and never produce a net mortality increase.”

via World Bank

COVID-19 in Africa: Youth at the Fore

“Young volunteers leading COVID-19 campaigns are connecting with and engaging local leaders—women’s groups, teachers, priests, imams, village heads, healers, and elders—in their communities. Together they are devising microsolutions needed to isolate patients, care for the ill, implement social distancing within existing conditions, and support families in distress.”

via African Arguments

COVID-19: Disabled in Zimbabwe cry for attention

“Mevion Chawota, 29, whose both hands and legs are not working said his community will remain at the periphery, even during the vaccination drive. He complained that nobody came to their rescue during the lockdown.”

via Anadolu Agency

How have the Washington Consensus reforms affected economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa?

“We find that following initial declines in per capita economic growth over the 1980s and 1990s, the countries that adopted the reforms experienced notable increases in per capita real GDP growth in the post-2000 period.”

via Brookings Institution

Invisible lives, missing voices: Putting women and girls at the center of post-COVID-19 recovery and reconstruction

“In Africa, women and girls have largely borne the brunt of the pandemic, as the virus has exacerbated already-existing gender inequalities, laying bare serious fault lines in safety, physical and mental health, education, domestic responsibilities, and employment opportunities.”

via Brookings Institution

Results from Novavax vaccine trials in the UK and South Africa differ: why, and does it matter?

“Novavax vaccine trials run in South Africa and the UK indicate that its efficacy in the UK was 89% at least seven days after individuals had received two doses of vaccine. In South Africa, the vaccine efficacy was 60% in people living without HIV.”

via The Conversation

Nordic Development Fund extends grant of $8.8 million to African Water Facility for COVID-19 Recovery in the Sahel and Horn of Africa regions

“The funds will support AWF’s COVID-19 Recovery Through Water and Sanitation in Africa program, an initiative that relies on a climate-resilient approach to prepare investment in water sector projects that will benefit the vulnerable and underserved poor urban communities.”

via African Development Bank

The Pandemic Is Not Good For Freedom And Democracy. But There Are Exceptions

“Only one country reported a positive trend over the past few months: Malawi.”

via NPR

Human rights and the COVID-19 Pandemic

“While the pandemic requires strong responses, we need to ensure that states do not normalize oppressive surveillance and undermine human rights, including the right to freedom of expression and information, and the right to privacy.”

via Think Global Health

The Macroeconomics of Pandemics in Developing Countries: An Application to Uganda

“Differences in demography, comorbidities, and health systems affect mortality risk; lower incomes affect agents’ willingness to forego consumption to reduce disease risk. Optimal containment is significantly less restrictive in the latter context, a normative implication contradicted by positive findings of similarly strict lockdowns across rich and poor countries.”

via Center for Global Development