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The role of youth in governance and leadership in a post-COVID-19 world

“COVID-19 has had a drastic impact on youth in South Africa and Africa as a whole, primarily because it has heightened the already prevalent social ills that face them.”

via Africa Portal

COVID-19 deaths shoot up as confidential government document reveals a likely longer booze and cigarettes ban

“While government recorded a total of 5,940 deaths to COVID-19 by 22 July, a Medical Research Council report has found that “In the period 6 May – 14 July 2020, there has been an excess of 17,090 deaths (of people over one-year-old) from natural causes.”

via Daily Maverick

‘The pandemic is gaining momentum’: Africa prepares for surge in infections

“After months in which Africa escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic as the global centre shifted from Asia to Europe and then to the Americas, the number of African infections — and deaths — has begun to increase sharply.”

via Financial Times

Experts tackle the mystery of Africa’s low death rate

“While many hospitals are crowded with patients, and while the country suffers the world’s fourth-highest number of new daily cases, the mortuaries and grave sites appear to be much slower to fill. It’s one of the enduring mysteries here: why do South Africa, and most other African countries, seem to have a relatively low death rate from the virus? And can this low rate be sustained?”

via The Globe and Mail

The pandemic’s spread across Africa is being tempered by a young population, for now

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Africa has seen lower numbers of cases and death compared with other continents, on a ‘per million’ basis. But the numbers have been on a steady rise and in recent weeks.”

via Quartz Africa

Predicted COVID-19 Fatality Rates Based on Age, Sex, Comorbidities, and Health System Capacity

“Accounting for differences in the distribution of age, sex, and relevant comorbidities yields substantial differences in the predicted IFR across 21 world regions, ranging from 0.11% in Western Sub-Saharan Africa to 1.07% for High Income Asia Pacific.”

via Center for Global Development

Interview with Zemedeneh Negatu: Investing in Africa after COVID-19

Zemedeneh Negatu, Global Chairman of the Fairfax Capital Fund, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about how the pandemic has changed the investment environment in Africa, and how the continent and Ethiopia, in particular, have responded.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Why Kenya may escape total COVID-19 pandemic

“Kenya may escape a full-blown COVID-19 pandemic partly because of its youthful population, warm weather and some assumed immunity gained through exposure to similar diseases, scientists have said.”

via The Star

The ‘lockdown generation’ has been hit hardest by COVID-19

“According to the report, before the pandemic, more than four in 10 young workers globally were working in the four sectors that are most adversely affected by the crisis. And almost three-quarters of those young people (131-million) were informally employed.”

via Mail & Guardian

Coronavirus: Why lockdowns may not be the answer in Africa

“Governments do not have the data and models for precise expert prediction, and will not get them quickly enough… China, Europe and North America all adopted much the same epidemic control policy: lockdown. African governments followed suit, but in general lockdowns may be simply unworkable in the continent. Only a few African countries, such as Rwanda and South Africa, have the capacity to administer a centralised strategy.”

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