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World Bank Provides $100 Million to Help Accelerate Digital Transformation in Niger

“The World Bank Board of Directors approved today a $100 million International Development Association which includes $50 million credit and $50 million grant to help Niger implement an ambitious program to use digital infrastructure and services to modernize its economy and strengthen access to basic services.”

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As Africa Faces COVID-19, Chinese Debt Relief is a Welcome Development

“Given the scale of Africa’s debt crisis, it should be taken as a great reassurance that China, its largest official lender, has warmed to the idea of cancellations.”

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World Bank Supports Jobs, Skills Development and Digital Transformation in Ghana

“The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved $315 million from the International Development Association to support job creation, skills development and digital transformation in Ghana. This financing includes $200 million for the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project and an additional financing of $115 million for the eTransform Ghana Project.”

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Uganda: World Bank Provides $300 Million to Close COVID-19 Financing Gap and Support Economy Recover

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a $300 million budget support operation for Uganda to boost the Government’s capacity to prevent, detect and treat the coronavirus, protect the poor and vulnerable population, and support economic recovery.”

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World Bank Announces $15 Million to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 in Seychelles

“The World Bank approved on June 25 a $15 million loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in support of the Republic of Seychelles’ response to the economic and social fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Development Policy Lending will help enhance the country’s response mechanisms in health, social protection and the private sector, and to support the country’s post-crisis recovery through strengthened financial systems and climate resilience.”

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Benin: $50 Million to Boost Growth Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved an International Development Association additional financing of $50 million to help Benin mitigate the impact of the coronavirus health crisis in the socio-economic recovery phase.”

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Conversations with Michael Milken: The World Bank’s Jingdong Hua

“I certainly hope this is a unique moment where we will have profound conversations, not only about our own lessons or our own challenges, but about the future of humanity….This lockdown gives us the opportunity to have long conversations that otherwise would not have happened.”

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Zambia: Digital Economy Diagnostic Report

“The Zambia Digital Economy Diagnostic, a new report developed by the World Bank, finds that Zambia is making significant strides towards the use of digital tools to achieve the social and economic transformation goals set forth in its Vision 2030.”

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Nigeria to Keep the Lights on and Power its Economy

“The World Bank Board of Directors approved today the Power Sector Recovery Operation of $750 million in International Development Association credit to improve the reliability of electricity supply, achieve financial and fiscal sustainability, and enhance accountability in the power sector in Nigeria.”

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World Bank Approves $55 Million to Sustain Somalia’s Reforms and Fiscal Response to Multiple Crises

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved a $55 million International Development Assistance grant to support Somalia’s economic recovery through continued fiscal and other economic policy reforms. The policies will strengthen fiscal management and promote inclusive private sector-led growth.”

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