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The Intergenerational Mortality Tradeoff of COVID-19 Lockdown Policies

“In some countries, lockdowns can produce net increases in mortality. The optimal lockdowns are shorter and milder in poorer countries than in rich ones and never produce a net mortality increase.”

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World Bank Budget Support in the Time of COVID-19: Crisis Finance, with Strings Attached

“With the pandemic far from over, financing conditions could shift rapidly and bring many governments knocking on the World Bank’s door for budget support. The World Bank should rethink its approach to crisis response budget support operations going forward and pursue a policy agenda that directly advances governments’ pandemic response and recovery frameworks.”

via Center for Global Development

Ethiopia Economic Update: Ensuring Ethiopia’s Full Recovery from COVID-19

“Response measures introduced by the government, including tax deferrals and waivers, liquidity provision to commercial banks, measures to ease access to credit and loan refinancing, logistics facilitation and food distribution measures, have contributed to cushioning some of the impacts from the crisis.”

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IFC Partners with Djibouti-Based EAB Bank to Strengthen its Risk and Credit Framework

“A partnership signed today between IFC and Djibouti-based East Africa Bank (EAB) will help EAB better mitigate financial risks which have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic and improve its sustainability.”

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World Bank Boosts Burundi Health System in the Context of COVID-19

“On April 22, the World Bank Group approved,additional financing of $54.6 million for the Health System Support Project.”

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Surprising resilience: DFIs take stock of their COVID-19 response

“Many DFIs focused on supporting their existing clients through the crisis rather than finding new clients. Investing has been more challenging, but concerns that their balance sheets would take a hit didn’t materialize, nor did the type of demand they expected for liquidity support.”

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World Bank Approves $30 Million to Support COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout in Rwanda

“This is the second additional financing for the Rwanda COVID-19 Emergency Response Project, bringing a total of $45.19 million in World Bank contributions to the country’s national COVID-19 health response and vaccination campaign.”

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Eswatini COVID-19 Response Gets a Boost

“Along with a $3 million grant from the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Trust Fund, the total $8 million will support the ongoing drive to vaccinate 40 percent of the country’s 1.16 million population.”

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The Gambia Secures More Funds for COVID-19 Vaccines

“The World Bank Board approved $8 million additional financing from the International Development Association to provide The Gambia with safe and effective vaccine purchase and deployment.”

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World Bank’s Response to COVID-19 in Africa

“In Africa, the World Bank’s response is focused around four main areas, simultaneously: saving lives, protecting poor people, protecting and creating jobs, and building back better.”

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