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Eswatini COVID-19 Response Gets a Boost

“Along with a $3 million grant from the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Trust Fund, the total $8 million will support the ongoing drive to vaccinate 40 percent of the country’s 1.16 million population.”

via World Bank

Number of coronavirus cases in Eswatini underestimated, Ministry of Health reveals

“Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi said there had been a further 1,017 cases that had previously gone unreported. In a statement she said the ministry had asked health facilities across the kingdom to submit their testing registers to the National COVID-19 Laboratory in Mbabane. ‘From these records, it was found that there were 1,017 unreported COVID-19 cases who were tested and treated within certain health facilities.’”

via Swazi Media

Eswatini: Elites take first share of coronavirus vaccines, leaving the poor behind, new review suggests

“After a stop-start vaccination programme Eswatini was left with only 32,000 doses to treat 1.1 million people. First to get their jabs were the Royal Family. The Acting Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and other Cabinet ministers were next in line. Health workers, and people with pre-existing serious health conditions, had to wait.”

via Swazi Media

Inequality warning: The pandemic’s impact on education

“Access to education has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments across southern Africa closed down educational institutions for the greater part of 2020. At the beginning of 2021, we are beginning to see some of the costs.”

via Daily Maverick

Eswatini strengthens lockdown laws amid surge in COVID-19 cases

“The Kingdom of Eswatini has strengthened its lockdown regulations following an increase of COVID-19 cases since last month. So far, more than 4,000 positive COVID-19 cases have been recorded and about 140 people have died due to the virus.”

via SABC News

Ambrose Dlamini: Eswatini’s PM dies after testing positive for COVID-19

“The government of Eswatini says Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini has died, four weeks after he tested positive for coronavirus. A government statement said Dlamini, 52, died on Sunday afternoon in hospital in South Africa.”

via BBC

Eswatini: Prime Minister Mandvulo passes on

“When he was appointed prime minister in 2018, he had big plans to revive the country’s economy. However, Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini will never get the opportunity to turn the country’s economic fortunes around as he has since passed away. His death, at the age of 52, comes after he was hospitalised in neighbouring South Africa, to speed up his recovery after he tested positive for COVID-19.”

via Times of Swaziland

Eswatini Prime Minister moved to South Africa for COVID-19 treatment

“The prime minister of Eswatini, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, has been shifted to neighboring South Africa for COVID-19 treatment, an official said in a statement late Tuesday. Ambrose Dlamini, 52, contracted the novel virus on November 16th.”

via Anadolu Agency

World Bank Approves US$40 million Loan to Support the Kingdom of Eswatini’s Program for Economic Recovery to Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19

“The World Bank Group Board of Executive Directors today approved a $40 million Economic Recovery Development Policy Loan (DPL) to support the Government of Eswatini to implement its program of reforms for economic recovery and ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via World Bank

Eswatini’s premier tests positive for coronavirus

“Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, he announced on Sunday. ‘I wish to inform the Nation that I have tested positive for COVID-19,’ Dlamini said in a statement.”

via Anadolu Agency