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Tackling COVID-19 in Nigeria: Health Tech Rising to the Challenge

“What is the role of the private sector in economic growth in Nigeria, especially when it comes to economic recovery and transformation after the pandemic?

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals Despite the Pandemic: Interview with Professor Allam Ahmed

Prof. Allam Ahmed, founding President of the World Association for Sustainable Development, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about financing the SDGs, human capital, and access to electricity.

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South Sudan reopens schools after six-month lockdown

“South Sudan’s Council of Ministers has lifted the ban that President Salva Kiir imposed in March in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in schools.”

via The East African

COVID-19: The virus will mostly spare young children; the economic crisis will not

“Although child mortality from the virus itself is low compared to other age groups, the social, economic, and health systems crises it has prompted pose a serious threat to young children’s nutrition, health, and survival in low- and middle-income countries.”


African youth and mixed livelihoods: Tech provides silver lining amid pandemic

“Digital job-matching platforms in Africa are reducing information asymmetries for the youth and connecting them to new forms of self-employment. These digital platforms are providing not only a job-matching function but also skills training to enhance the employability of the youth.”

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Human rights and vulnerable youth in the time of COVID-19: Challenges and lessons by the African Youth Front on Coronavirus

“The African Youth Front on Coronavirus has expounded that the COVID-19 pandemic is not only a health and economic crisis, but also a human rights crisis. The Youth Envoy has curated the concept of intergenerational co-leadership, which is a much-needed strategy to stimulate solidarity among generations and bring more youths to decision-making and leadership positions.”

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Young Africans need more and better jobs, not more training

“Acknowledging that supply-side interventions alone do not foster broad-based job creation opens up space to think about a new generation of programs. In many cases these will include industrial policy to increase labor-intensive manufacturing and services, urgently needed infrastructure investments, better regional integration, and social protection mechanisms like cash transfers or basic incomes.”

via Brookings Institute

Where will Africa’s students study abroad in post COVID-19 times?

“There are reasons to care about where African students choose to study: university education is important both in terms of quantity and quality; the incentive to study at university level is crucial; and in a post-COVID19 world, if more Africans continue to study more in China relative to other countries, this could extend China’s influence.”

via Development Reimagined

Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2

“It is important to track lineages as they can be very useful for determining how a virus spreads through communities or populations.”

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Central African Republic: World Bank Group launches New Country Partnership Framework, and provides immediate support to economic recovery

“The new Country Partnership Framework aims to boost stabilization, inclusion and resilience, while building state legitimacy and fostering growth. During the five-year period, the WBG will invest in human capital, connectivity, economic management and governance.”

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