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Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Unite fly crucial medical supplies into Africa

“Virgin Group, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Unite – the Virgin Group’s not-for-profit Foundation – are supporting UNICEF and the World Food Programme-led Global Common Supply Chain Services Provision by donating a special cargo flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg, delivering essential PPE equipment for frontline health workers into Eswatini and Mozambique”

via Virgin Atlantic

Coca-Cola Foundation commit $17million across Africa in response to COVID-19

“Across Africa and in partnership with NGOs, Coca-Cola in Africa, and its bottling partners and The Coca-Cola Foundation, have been deploying a range of resources, including capabilities, funds and products to support governments, communities and local economies in their urgent efforts to contain the spread and impact of the Coronavirus since its outbreak on the continent.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Across Sectors: Michael Milken’s Conversation with Mastercard Foundation’s Reeta Roy

“We have to remember in all of this that in Africa the economy is also a patient. Most of the economies of many of these countries are informal: mom‐and‐pop shops, micro and small businesses that are starving for capital. We worked with a number of our partners across multiple countries to put in place access to finance for micro and small businesses.”

via Milken Institute

Twenty-nine African states have sought Russia’s help in fight against pandemic

“The DRC has received more than 28,000 units of expendable materials for labs and over 8,000 individual protection means. Djibouti has received multi-purpose medial modules, tents and components for building two mobile health units, South Africa and Guinea have received testing systems.”

via Tass

As COVID-19 Reaches Africa, A New Savior Emerges – Africans

“As the coronavirus swept across the world, Africans had a growing sense that they were on their own. If there were going to be a savior, it would be Africans themselves.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

COVID-19 aid funding: The many pots and pitfalls

“Economists say it will take trillions of dollars to soften the impact of coronavirus in the developing world. Money is needed to fund welfare for millions of adults and children facing destitution – or death – from the crisis, through sickness, unemployment, or inflation.”

via The New Humanitarian

African and global philanthropists team-up to manufacture COVID-19 medical equipment in Africa

“Strive Masiyiwa co-founder of Higherlife Foundation, who has recently been appointed as an African Union Special Envoy to mobilise the private sector response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is leading a private partnership to start local manufacturing of much needed medical equipment for the African continent. Working with fellow philanthropists Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Skoll, the group have identified two solutions which will be manufactured in South Africa.”

via Skoll Foundation

African COVID-19 Aid Re-Emerges as a Top Chinese Foreign Policy Priority

“China’s once again ramping up its COVID-19 donation diplomacy efforts in Africa. After dialing down their efforts for a couple of weeks, the pace of announcements of new medical team deployments, PPE donations and charitable contributions from Chinese private sector stakeholders have all gone up considerably this week.”

via The China Africa Project

The ELMA Group of Foundations Commits ZAR 2 Billion to COVID-19 Response in Africa

“The ELMA Group of Foundations has announced a commitment of ZAR 2 billion to respond to COVID-19 and mitigate its impact on under-resourced and vulnerable communities in Africa. A minimum of ZAR 500 million of this commitment is for South Africa.”

via Africa News

R180m COVID-19 boost from entities linked to late billionaire Allan Gray

“Various philanthropic entities linked to billionaire Allan Gray have made R180m available to help with the economic, educational and medical shortages created by the coronavirus pandemic. ‘The contribution will look to not only make an immediate impact on the crisis but will also take a long-term approach in assisting those South Africans affected,’ said the donors.”

via Sunday Times (South Africa)