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Coronavirus cases in Seychelles

“People will have to go on home quarantine under strict health regulations and guidance if there is a surge in the number of coronavirus cases and there are not enough hospital beds available. This comes as a result of the sudden increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the country and the threat posed by COVID-19 following detection on Sunday of nine new cases.”

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Economic and Social Impacts of COVID-19 in Eastern Africa

“The pandemic and resulting crisis threaten to reverse some of the region’s development gains of the last decade and challenge progress to the SDGs.”


Bargaining with Beijing: A Tale of Two Borrowers

“The fact that the Republic of Congo was worse off after rescheduling its debts with Beijing underscores the importance of exposing these deals to public scrutiny before they are finalized and building borrower country capacity to negotiate more favorable deals.”

via Center for Global Development

African governance worsens for first time in a decade: survey

“Africa’s governance performance worsened in 2019 for the first time in nearly a decade due to a broad deterioration in the areas of human rights, security and rule of law, according to a survey.”

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Seychelles: President urges everyone to observe the COVID-19 safety guidelines

“Despite no evidence of community transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country, it is crucial that everyone takes his or her responsibility by observing and respecting the various guidelines set by the department of health, President Wavel Ramkalawan has said.”

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Seychelles starts to welcome travellers from African countries

“After intensive preparations for a safer travel experience for visitors, Seychelles has been welcoming tourists back on its shores since June 1 through chartered and private flights and officially reopened to scheduled flights as of August 1.”

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Building back better – Boosting research in Seychelles after the COVID-19 pandemic

“Nature Seychelles has received £60,000 for its ‘Building back Better in the Age of COVID-19’ campaign. The funds are to be used to boost high level science in Seychelles by contributing to the construction of a new research centre on Cousin Island Special Reserve.”

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Two new COVID-19 cases detected in Seychelles

“The two individuals are United Kingdom nationals living in the United Arab Emirates. Both visitors are asymptomatic and are in isolation at their hotel. Up to this point, they have had few close contacts locally and have followed all public health guidance during their stay.”

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Hospital continues to receive donations to fight COVID-19 (Seychelles)

“The Seychelles department of health accepted donations from various partners aimed at fighting the spread of COVID-19. The donations came from the National Disaster Relief Fund and Cable and Wireless who partnered together to donate a PCR machine. Gran Kaz donated a ventilator and Ruth Rosette made a personal monetary contribution.”

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Final preparations before commercial flights resume (Seychelles)

“With only three days to go before the re-opening of the Seychelles International Airport for the resumption of commercial flights, President Danny Faure was yesterday briefed by government officials and private sector representatives on the final preparations underway.”

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