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The promise of digitising cash transfers in sub-Saharan Africa during COVID-19 and beyond

“This year, the coronavirus pandemic has forced governments to grapple with difficult questions regarding lockdowns, contact tracing and the provision of emergency financial assistance to citizens now without work. In developing countries, these hardships are magnified with the World Bank estimating that remittances – money transfers sent from foreign workers to their home countries – to low and middle-income countries (LMICs) are projected to fall by 19.7 percent (from $554 billion in 2019 to $445 billion in 2020). Considering the significant role that remittances play in alleviating poverty and improving nutrition, many governments have turned to mobile cash transfers for vulnerable citizens to use while minimising COVID-19 exposure.”

via Africa Portal

Interview with Malado Kaba: COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of Africa’s Public Sector

Malado Kaba, former Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Guinea, speaks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about the potential for digital disruption in government and public service in the wake of the current pandemic.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

The COVID-19 crisis: A key moment to strengthen transparency and accountability in Guinea

Malado Kaba, the former Minister of Economy & Finance of Guinea, writes, “I also believe this crisis is an opportunity, a decision point, a key moment for my country and others to strengthen transparency and accountability.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Le COVID-19 et la transformation digitale du secteur public africain: Notre entretien avec Malado Kaba

Malado Kaba, ancienne Ministre de l’Économie et des Finances de Guinée, échange avec le Milken Institute au sujet de la transformation numérique du secteur public africain.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

To Bolster Global Health Security, What About IMF Gold?

“The IMF owns about 90 million ounces of gold that at market value today is worth about $150 billion. The gold can be called ‘functionless’ for the IMF. It does not generate interest or investment income and it does not constitute collateral against which the IMF could borrow. Its only apparent purpose is to add to the reassurance of the Central Bankers of member countries that their funds are safe with the IMF.”

via Center for Global Development

IMF Executive Board Approves US$148 Million Disbursement to Guinea to address the COVID-19 Pandemic

“On June 19, 2020, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund approved a disbursement of SDR 107.1 million (about US$148 million) to Guinea under the Rapid Credit Facility.”

via IMF

Twenty-nine African states have sought Russia’s help in fight against pandemic

“The DRC has received more than 28,000 units of expendable materials for labs and over 8,000 individual protection means. Djibouti has received multi-purpose medial modules, tents and components for building two mobile health units, South Africa and Guinea have received testing systems.”

via Tass

Some Lessons from the History of Epidemics in Africa

“COVID-19 has brought out old stereotypes of an allegedly under-medicalized, pre-modern Africa where poverty and a supposed scientific underdevelopment condemn Africans to medical impotence. However, the history of epidemics and biomedicine demonstrates the long experience and extensive expertise of researchers, caregivers, and ordinary people.”

via African Arguments

An inclusive response to COVID-19 for Africa’s informal workers

“For many, staying indoors is a luxury they simply cannot afford. This is especially true in many African countries, where 80-90% of people work in the informal economy, often relying on the sale of simple goods and services, such as fruits, vegetables, and household supplies to make a living.”

via World Bank

Guinean Finance Minister Malado Kaba: ‘COVID-19 in Africa: an opportunity for progress?’

“This pandemic is a key moment which affords Africans an incredible opportunity to favor innovation and action over immobility and stagnation—to bring about the transformation our continent needs. Are we ready to seize the moment?”

via Kapital Afrik