News & Analysis: Rwanda

‘COVID-19 has been a great learning experience’

“The lesson that we are going to be left with by this pandemic is how we create resilience within systems: how well have we prepared and how do we prepare ourselves for similar episodes of disruption in the future.”

via The New Times

Rwanda closes treatment centres as cases drop

“As Rwanda continues to experience a surge in recoveries and a reduction in the number of active cases of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has closed a number of treatment facilities, some of which would be laying idle due to no patients.”

via The New Times

Regional business body calls for end to COVID-19 border testing

“The East African Business Council (EABC) on Thursday, October 15, called upon the East African Community Partner States to put an end to testing of COVID-19 at border points, in order to decongest traffic at the border crossings and increase intra-EAC trade.”

via The New Times

Overcrowding and pandemic risk hotspots in Rwanda

“The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on urban density, particularly in developing cities, where overcrowding in unplanned settlements makes it near impossible to practice adequate social distancing. Evidence has shown that overcrowding – and not density – is a risk factor for respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.”

via International Growth Centre

COVID-19 is showing us how to improve health systems—sometimes by disrupting them

“Amidst all of the tragedy this pandemic has unleashed, something else is happening, too: By forcing governments and others to really look at health systems, it’s revealing opportunities for change.”

via Gates Foundation

COVID-19 random testing taken to churches, car-free day routes (Rwanda)

“Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) on October 3 announced that 400 COVID-19 sample tests shall be collected in some churches around Kigali in a bid to assess the prevalence of the virus.”

via The New Times

IMF Staff Issues an Interim Performance Update to the Board on Rwanda’s Policy Coordination Instrument

“The heavy toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the fiscal targets for end-June 2020 out of reach and hampered progress in advancing the reform targets agenda. Going forward, the authorities need to implement measures to ensure a growth-friendly fiscal consolidation to safeguard debt sustainability as soon as the crisis abates.”

via IMF

Pandemic spurs Africa’s mobile telcos to ramp up banking bid

“Africa’s mobile phone operators are ramping up plans to bring banking to millions of Africans, in some cases for the first time, after the coronavirus crisis caused a surge in use of digital financial services.”

via Reuters

East Africa slowly reopens for business after COVID-19 havoc

“Emboldened by the declining COVID-19 infections, EAC partner states are in the process or have already re-opened their borders, hotels and schools. EAC partner states are expected to lose more than $54 billion of local tourists spending for 2020, on account of protracted closures of seaports and airports.”

via The East African

Impact of COVID-19: Health and community

“COVID-19 has upended healthcare systems and derailed non-COVID-19 related treatments. Facing this, traditional and religious leaders, as well as community health workers, are playing a pivotal role.”

via International Growth Centre