News & Analysis: Egypt

Egypt Begins its COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign with China’s Sinopharm

“Egypt began the vaccination of medical staff on Sunday with the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in the northeastern province of Ismailia, according to a vaccination program by the Egyptian Health Ministry.”

via Africa News

The problem with generalizations

“Despite the media’s wish for a neat story, the African continent’s response to COVID-19 is all over the map.”

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Egypt to get 500,000 new doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine before end of December

“Chronic disease sufferers and medical staff could begin the vaccination process during the first or second week of January.”

via Arab News

Africa at the ‘tail-end’ of vaccine race

“As richer countries elbow their way to the front of the queue for COVID-19 vaccines, how soon can African countries hope to obtain supplies?”

via African Business Magazine

Coronavirus vaccinations have started. But people in Africa face a much longer wait.

“Public health officials warn that stark disparities are emerging as wealthier countries reserve most of the world’s doses, while poorer countries have secured scarce amounts.”

via Washington Post

Coronavirus vaccinations have started. But people in Africa face a much longer wait.

“Of the 47 countries in the AFRO region, 22 (47%) have never reported sexdisaggregated data on confirmed COVID-19 cases and 35 countries (75%) have never reported such data on deaths. Incomplete and irregular reporting of data by sex poses a challenge in designing and monitoring effective COVID-19 responses.”

via Washington Post

Aspen to produce COVID-19 vaccine in Africa

“A deal struck by South Africa’s Aspen Pharmacare to manufacture COVID-19 vaccine in Port Elizabeth will bring technology transfer but may not increase the supply of vaccines to the continent.”

via African Business Magazine

EU supports Egypt with $96m to fight COVID-19

“This amount includes support for the national plan and strategy of the Ministry of Health and Population to combat the virus and limit its effects in Egypt by strengthening the capacity of the health system response, taking preventive measures and detecting cases to prevent the transmission of the virus, and establishing an institutional structure to coordinate and follow up the national health response strategy and plan.”

via Arab News

Survey reveals 95 percent of African SMEs did not receive government aid during COVID-19 pandemic

“In March 2020, the African Union created the Rollo Africa Business Simulation Programme to support SMEs and the informal sector. Of the 490 businesses that applied the programme, 93 percent reported their business was heavily impacted by the pandemic and 95 percent testified they never received any government support to combat the economic downturn.”

via African Union

Africa’s confirmed COVID-19 cases close to 2.25m, Africa CDC says

“The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the African continent has reached 2,248,269 as of Sunday afternoon. The most COVID-19 affected African countries in terms of the number of positive cases include South Africa, Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia”

via The East African