A Global Warning System: Mobilizing Surveillance for Emerging Pathogens

“The pandemic revealed significant gaps in early warning capabilities to detect and respond to emerging pathogens before they cause global harm. Given the current situation, how can we leverage existing systems and emerging technologies to better characterize the various risk factors that could signal the next pandemic?”

via Milken Institute

How Ethiopian Airlines provided a vaccine lifeline

“So far, Ethiopian Airlines has carried more than 27m vaccines to 24 countries. It has a 54,000 sq m freezer facility in Addis Ababa for COVID-19 vaccines that can keep the temperature at -25C, and is developing a facility to make enough ice to keep vaccines ultra-cold when needed.”

via Financial Times

Severe COVID-19 Is More Often Fatal in Africa Than in Other Regions

“Inadequate treatment for critically ill patients contributed to higher death rates in Africa, compared to other parts of the world, a study found.”

via New York Times

Pandemic gives Africa a chance to free itself from aid dependency

“COVID-19 is reshaping our world in ways that require a redesign of our systems and changes in how we view our future. It is up to us as Africans to decide if we are to accept mere observer status or be a main player at the table.”

via Financial Times

Disease surveillance for the COVID-19 era: Time for bold changes

“As communities and economies struggle to recover from the consequences of these surveillance deficiencies, now is the time for countries and multilateral agencies to take a hard look at what failed and to act boldly to implement the necessary improvements to disease surveillance.”

via The Lancet

Gauteng’s third wave: It’s coming, but residents can limit severity

“Gauteng will likely experience a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic within weeks. The severity of the spike will depend on super-spreader events and adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions.”

via Maverick Citizen

COVID-19: Africans are Hospitalized and Dying in India

“As India’s COVID-19 disaster continues to unfold, Africans in the country are facing grim health risks and financial hardships, with uncertain prospects of when they will be able to return home.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

‘There are no vaccines’: COVID-19 fears rise in Africa as inoculations stall

“African health officials aim to vaccinate at least 30 percent of the 1.2 billion population by the end of the year, rising to 60 percent or higher after that. But supply constraints, logistical problems and vaccine hesitancy mean immunisation campaigns have been patchy.”

via Financial Times

Africa’s vaccine rollout ‘a mess’ as shortages hit second shots

“India’s devastating coronavirus surge has left Africa’s vaccination campaign in disarray, with growing signs that countries will be unable to offer second doses as deliveries to the continent dry up.”

via The Telegraph

The Vaccine Pause Heard Round the World

“The stakes of vaccine confidence are very high, with COVID-19 infections surging across the globe at a clip of more than 700,000 new cases per day. As concerns arise about side effects, public health agencies have to move quickly to access data, assess risks, make clear decisions, and explain those decisions to the public. In doing so, these agencies must work together.”

via Foreign Affairs