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Coronavirus: Which African airlines are taking off and when?

“After more than three months without flying, airline companies are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Since 25 June, Royal Air Maroc began operating a portion of its domestic flights (Agadir, Dakhla, Laâyoune and Oujda) from its Casablanca hub, followed by its other hubs, Marrakech and Tangier. The low-cost airline Air Arabia Maroc will also resume operations on the same date.”

via The Africa Report

Senegal’s president self-quarantines as precaution

“Senegalese President Macky Sall has quarantined himself as a precaution after coming in contact with someone who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to a presidential statement late Wednesday. Although Sall tested negative for the virus, he will be undergoing a quarantine process of 15 days based on medical recommendations.”

via Anadolu Agency

Senegal president admits virus will delay oil projects

“Senegal has been forced to delay its first oil and gas projects by up to two years because of coronavirus, President Macky Sall said, in a sign that aftershocks from the crisis are battering even economies that have avoided the worst of the pandemic itself.”

via Financial Times

COVID-19 could upend several African countries’ plans to fuel economic growth with oil and gas

“When coronavirus forced the world into lockdown, it punched a hole in global oil demand and sent prices crashing to historic lows. The result was an overnight fiscal catastrophe for oil-dependent African economies like Nigeria that were accustomed to building their budgets on oil prices double what they are now.”

via Quartz Africa

Senegal COVID-19 Response Gets Additional Financial Boost from World Bank

“The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved on Tuesday, a $100 million – half in grant and half in credit – from the International Development Association to help the Government of Senegal in responding to the social and economic impact of the pandemic and improving access to services for the most vulnerable.”

via World Bank

Africa’s looted artifacts are being put up for sale during the global economic crisis

“Thousands of artifacts looted from African towns over a century ago line European and British Museums and institutions. After decades of campaigns for African pieces—such as the Benin bronzes to return home, the homecoming of the looted artworks finally began looking like a real possibility.”

via Quartz Africa

Africa should set COVID-19 recovery milestones now – Vera Songwe

“‘We are yet to know how long the COVID-19 crisis will last, but we need to set the milestones for recovery now,’ said UN Under Secretary General and Executive Secretary of ECA Vera Songwe.”


The COVID-19 Crisis and Fiscal Reform in Low-Income Countries

“Policymakers in low-income countries have implemented a range of fiscal measures to provide income support to the households and sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, made possible by expansionary fiscal policy and international support.”

via Center for Global Development

A reminder during COVID-19, Africa is not a monolith

“There is a disproportionate focus on these factors by North Americans and Western Europeans who mischaracterize them as the plight of Africa — and Africa alone. This is careless and misguided on their part, because in doing so it leaves them underprepared to address their own systemic vulnerabilities that result in the same tragedies they hypothesize and predict elsewhere.”

via Devex

100 Days of COVID-19 in Africa: What We’ve Learned and What’s Ahead

“It is the willingness of ordinary people across Africa to step up and do the right things—from social distancing to new sanitary habits—that has kept the virus contained.”

via COVID-19 Africa Watch