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Kenya central bank has ‘plenty of firepower’, governor says

“Kenya’s central bank governor said on Thursday that policymakers still had plenty of firepower left to limit the damage to the country’s economy from the coronavirus crisis.”

via Reuters

Millions of Kenyans face hunger as COVID-19 pandemic ravages

“A new report published by United Kingdom aid research firm Development Initiatives has shown at least 3.6 million vulnerable Kenyans are likely to face hunger as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

via Tuko

COVID-19: Cabinet issues stern warning against unnecessary movements (Rwanda)

“‘The cabinet meeting reaffirmed the need for increased vigilance in implementing COVID-19 preventive measures and called on the public to limit unnecessary movements including visits to friends and family,’ reads a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.”

via The New Times

Zimbabwe Agriculture Minister Dies of COVID-19

“Zimbabwe’s Agriculture Minister has died of COVID-19 at the age of 65, a day after two legislators tested positive for the disease.”

via The East African

COVID-19 sustains assault on battered regional currencies

“In recent weeks, regional currencies have come under increased pressure against the dollar as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to dismantle efforts by central banks to maintain stability and arrest negative impact on their economies. Depreciating currencies result in increased cost of living as prices of basic goods rise; and servicing of hard currency-dominated loans becomes expensive for institutional borrowers.”

via The East African

Myths on COVID-19 pandemic spread across Zimbabwe

“Some Zimbabweans say COVID-19 thrives in winter, while some… claim the disease is less deadly for black Africans. But even amid these claims, cases of the dreaded novel coronavirus have been rising across Zimbabwe, with deaths now recorded almost daily.”

via Anadolu Agency

Morocco Closes 7 Livestock Markets for Breaching COVID-19 Preventive Measures

“A joint press release from ministries of interior and agriculture announced that authorities have closed seven livestock markets across Morocco for failing to comply with sanitary measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via Morocco World News

People in rural communities urged to take COVID-19 seriously (Ghana)

“People living in rural communities have been urged to take the outbreak of the coronavirus seriously and adhere strictly to all preventive protocols to stay safe from the virus.”

via Business Ghana

Final preparations before commercial flights resume (Seychelles)

“With only three days to go before the re-opening of the Seychelles International Airport for the resumption of commercial flights, President Danny Faure was yesterday briefed by government officials and private sector representatives on the final preparations underway.”

via Seychelles Nation

Somalia will lose $500 million this year as its livestock misses out on Hajj to Saudi Arabia

“Millions of livestock from Somalia have been shipped to Saudi Arabia for the annual Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca over many decades to feed some two million pilgrims from around the world.. But this year, Somalia’s goats and sheep will not join the pilgrimage because Hajj has effectively been cancelled by Saudi authorities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

via Quartz Africa