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Limited Internet access in Zimbabwe a major hurdle for remote learning during pandemic

“Afrobarometer survey data from 2017 and 2018 show that a majority of Zimbabwean households didn’t have mobile phones with Internet access, computers, or reliable electricity supply. Even among the youngest adults, only one in three regularly went online. While these numbers may have improved in the past two years, they suggest the enormous hurdles that young Zimbabweans would face in participating in online learning.”

via Afrobarometer

More than 500 Eastern Cape pupils and teachers test positive for COVID-19, 154 schools closed

“More than 550 pupils, teachers and support staff have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Eastern Cape, while 154 provincial schools have been temporarily closed, the education department said on Friday.”

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COVID-19 deepens the educational divide

“There are an estimated 258-million children, adolescents and youth not in school across the globe. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 31% of them.”

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COVID-19: More than 200 test positive at Eastern Cape boarding school

“The National Association of School Governing Bodies is calling for the immediate closure of schools in the Eastern Cape after 204 people, mainly pupils, tested positive at an Eastern Cape boarding school.”

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Calls to suspend schooling grow as COVID-19 surfaces in classrooms (South Africa)

“Less than two weeks after schools reopened in South Africa, there are growing calls to suspend schooling as many schools record positive COVID-19 cases. ‘We have seen a rise in infections at a high speed in all provinces since the reopening of schools,’ said Kabelo Mahlobogwane, spokesperson for the Education Union of South Africa (EUSA). EUSA said it was concerned that the Department of Basic Education ignored warnings not to reopen schools until September 2020.”

via Daily Maverick

Our COVID-19 world: how to reintegrate students into universities

“Even though we cannot extricate the post-schooling sector from the prevailing tornado of societal change, a consistent and meaningful educational campaign should be created. This has been a weakness in our response to COVID-19 as a country.”

via Mail & Guardian

Coronavirus: ‘Status quo of women not sustainable, balance must be tilted’

“It is no secret that across the board, women are at a socioeconomic disadvantage compared to men; accordingly, the coronavirus pandemic is exposing and magnifying the extent of this inequality. As concerns for jobs, livelihoods and the state of the economy are being debated, it is crucial that we take a gendered approach to highlight the impact of the current global pandemic on women.”

via The Africa Report

COVID-19 and challenges to teacher education in rural Ghana

“The coronavirus shut down in Ghana exposes the weaknesses and inequities in the country’s education system.”

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Cabinet rejects ‘dead year,’ opts to buy 10m radio sets

“An emergency Cabinet meeting that sat on the eve of budget reading last week weighed options before re-opening schools as they discussed a report of the Education committee on virtual learning. The meeting resolved to keep all schools shut but virtual learning must continue as government monitors the COVID-19 curve.”

via Daily Monitor

COVID-19: Final year students return to schools amidst tight restrictions (Ghana)

“The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has confirmed the reopening of schools for final year students of public universities and senior high schools while preparations continue for the return of final junior high school students to complete preparations for their exams.”

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