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Mixed fortunes for African agribusiness amid pandemic

“It is easy to be pessimistic about the impact of COVID-19 on African agribusiness but some players in the food supply chain have enjoyed great success over the past year.”

via African Business Magazine

Businesses may need more time and support to recover from COVID-19

“COVID-19 has affected almost all sectors of the economy and agribusinesses, which form an important part of the economy, have not been left out. New data on the impact of the pandemic on agribusinesses in Ghana suggest it may take a little more time and support for businesses to recover from the impact of the pandemic.”

via BFT Online

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Agriculture and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Will (re)Shape Food Markets

“The impact of COVID-19, together with other shocks such as locusts, fall armyworm and climate change, suggests the need for policymakers to be agile in their responses to multi-layered crises. The era of heightened uncertainty, volatility and complexity resulting from these multiple crises, with COVID-19 being a key turning point, calls for a fundamental change to the governance and architecture of sub-Saharan Africa’s food systems.”


COVID-19 threatens Africa’s food security

“‘Transforming agriculture in Africa is an urgent task,’ Rwandan President Paul Kagame said, adding that ‘agribusiness can be a pathway to prosperity for African families.'”

via Anadolu Agency

Chinelo Anohu: What the Future Holds for Attracting Investment to Africa

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Senior Director of the Africa Investment Forum, Chinelo Anohu, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the AIF’s approach and the overall investment landscape across the continent.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Adding Value to Agricultural Exports to China Will be Key to Ethiopia’s Post-COVID-19 Recovery

“We now export more to China than to the US. We send 9% of our exports to China, and just 5% to the US. So our focus now is to find ways of increasing exports to China even more. A key opportunity here lies in China’s Dual Circulation recovery plan, whereby they hope to expand domestic consumption.”

via Development Reimagined

Surviving lockdown in the Central African Republic

“The food insecurity brought about by the COVID-19 measures was devastating and compounded an already precarious situation.”

via Norwegian Refugee Council

Nigeria: 58% of households have reduced food consumption

“Between July 2020 and December 2020, 83 percent of households reported an increase in the price of major food items that they consumed, demonstrating a widespread deterioration in purchasing power.”

via Vanguard

Ethiopia’s social safety net effective in limiting COVID-19 impacts on rural food insecurity

“Over the past decade, rigorous evaluations have shown Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program yielding positive results in addressing household poverty and food insecurity in the low-income districts it targets.”


Panic shopping as Kigali goes back into lockdown

“Food markets across Kigali city were on January 19 flocked by crowds of people – retailers and wholesalers – following an announcement that the capital was returning to total lockdown. The 15-day lockdown announced by a cabinet meeting on Monday is aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the city, which has been rampant in the past few days.”

via The New Times