News & Analysis: Food security

Eritrea’s deteriorating state

“Although the pandemic’s consequences had been fatal across the world, in extremely impoverished countries like Eritrea where the essential food items are rationed in stores run by the ruling party, the magnitude of the lockdown is immense. Eritrea’s elites who hold absolute power have already frozen the state in time for more than two decades.”

via Africa is a Country

World Bank Provides US$300 Million Additional Financing To Boost Service Delivery Through Local Governments in Uganda

“The World Bank Board of Directors today approved $300 million in additional financing to the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers Program for Results to boost local governments service delivery in education, health, water and environment, and micro irrigation, including in areas hosting large populations of refugees.”

via World Bank

COVID-19: The virus will mostly spare young children; the economic crisis will not

“Although child mortality from the virus itself is low compared to other age groups, the social, economic, and health systems crises it has prompted pose a serious threat to young children’s nutrition, health, and survival in low- and middle-income countries.”


Finding the Balance: Public Health and Social Measures in Nigeria

“Nigeria has the largest COVID-19 caseload in the Western Region. After a plateau beginning in June, the country has experienced a decline in reported new cases since the end of July, with an average decrease in cases of about 8% each week over the previous month. However, testing remains below recommended guidelines.”

via Africa CDC

How is COVID-19 Affecting Food Security in West Africa? An Interview with Dr. Mabouba Diagne

Dr. Mabouba Diagne of the ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development talks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about the lessons of COVID-19 for improving food security in the West Africa region.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Combining new and traditional mechanisms in Northern Kenya to cope during COVID-19

“The combination of a safety net provided by the government and the skills, agency, social capital and business networks developed through the Building Livelihoods programme has given beneficiaries a stronger asset base on which to survive. It has also enabled them to leverage opportunities to earn income, even in the current restricted environment.”

via FSD Kenya

Finding the Balance: Public Health and Social Measures in Ghana

“Perceptions of personal risk of catching COVID-19 and severity of the disease are markedly low, according to survey results, despite the size of the outbreak. In addition, there is substantial misinformation, including narratives around anti-foreign sentiment.”

via Africa CDC

Finding the Balance: Public Health and Social Measures in Mozambique

“While the total number of reported COVID-19 cases in Mozambique is low, new reported cases have been rapidly accelerating since late July, as mobility gradually approaches pre-COVID-19 levels. A phased reopening plan may result in further increases in transmission.”

via Africa CDC

Finding the Balance: Public Health and Social Measures in Ethiopia

“There has been a rapid increase in new reported cases of COVID-19 in Ethiopia since July, with most reported cases concentrated in Addis Ababa. In early August, Ethiopia announced a mass testing campaign which likely contributed to the increase in new reported cases.”

via Africa CDC

Africa’s agricultural sector faces up to COVID-19 crisis

“African farmers have begun to experiment with apps and new technologies. Meanwhile, policymakers and relief organisations are refocusing on food production and provision. Pioneering policymakers are prioritising food security and shifting to clean energy sources, such as hydroelectric and solar.”

via African Business Magazine