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Chinelo Anohu: What the Future Holds for Attracting Investment to Africa?

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Senior Director of the Africa Investment Forum, Chinelo Anohu, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the AIF’s approach and the overall investment landscape across the continent.

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Fake and fraudulent: Cross-border bus passengers can buy forged COVID-19 test results

“In a matter of minutes, Daily Maverick was able to secure two fake COVID-19 test results from two bus companies for a total of R700.”

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Survey of Impact of COVID-19 on African Trade Finance

“COVID-19 and related challenges provide an impetus for central bank and capital market regulators to engage with industry, to explore the viability of creating new trade financing capacity via the participation of asset managers and private equity in directing capital to the financing of international trade—including South-South trade and African trade.”

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Hustle at the Border for Zimbabwean Traders

On top of missed income opportunities caused by the freeze of productive activities, many women traders in Zimbabwe suffered economic losses from goods that have remained unsold and, in many cases, gone to waste because of their perishable nature.

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Uganda’s coffee exports increase despite COVID-19 market disruptions

“Uganda’s coffee exports have defied coronavirus market disruptions for a straight second month recording growth in value and volume.”

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Gagan Gupta: Mobilizing Infrastructure and Supply Chains to Enhance Trade and Investment in Africa

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Gagan Gupta, co-founder of Arise IIP, Arise IS and Arise P&L, about COVID-19’s impacts on trade trends in Africa and the infrastructure priorities for accelerating the economic recovery.

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Africa’s diversified economies are set to rebound quicker than its extractive giants

“One of the many reasons, African economies have struggled has been the unprecedented capital outflows needed to help manage their economic lockdowns even as foreign direct investment all but disappeared. In 2020, FDI to Africa collapsed by 30%-40% and remittances fell by 9% leaving little room to maneuver for African finance ministers.”

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Trade in the Time of Pandemics

“To assure equity and affordability of access to the poor and rich alike, to save lives, and protect everyone, flexibilities in current WTO rules governing trade in medical products during a global public health emergency should be used to the maximum extent possible.”

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Is Africa Wasting the Pandemic-Induced Economic Crisis?

“In many African countries, the economic response to the crisis so far appears to have been broadly less consistent than the health response. For mitigation measures to be stronger and more effective, and for sustained recovery to take place, governments, central banks, and regional institutions will need to make tough policy choices, promote coordinated and collaborative policy implementation, and embrace bold and innovative reforms.”

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2021 needs to be Africa’s ‘focus on the money’ year

“Recent events show that Africa’s dependence on external sources of finance is no longer sustainable. It is time for the continent to develop its own lending institutions.”

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