Doctors under siege in Sudan

“Hundreds of doctors have temporarily left their positions either because of [COVID-19 related] attacks or in protest over a lack of adequate personal protective equipment to handle COVID-19 cases, according to the committee’s secretary general, Omer Ahmed Salih.”

via Mail & Guardian

Sudan reels from drug shortages as virus spreads

“As it battles mounting cases of coronavirus, Sudan is grappling with acute medicine shortages at a time of economic woes largely blamed on the policies of ousted president Omar al-Bashir. Healthcare providers have reported shortages of basic medications in pharmacies and hospitals, while patients suffering from critical diseases struggle to find drugs.”

via The East African

Coronavirus accelerates in Africa as economic damage deepens

“Africa is reeling from the economic ravages of the coronavirus. Now the disease itself is accelerating across the continent.”

via Axios

Economic impact of COVID-19: Protecting Africa’s food systems from farm to fork

“Receiving less public attention, and yet also putting at risk lives and livelihoods, is the likelihood that COVID-19 and the associated economic challenges will spill into an African food crisis if the food system cannot cope. Half of Africans already face food insecurity, of which 50 percent are severely food insecure, while the number of people who are hungry is likely to double in 2020.”

via Brookings Institution

Sudan to introduce direct cash payments to its neediest citizens

“Sudan will begin rolling out an experimental programme of direct cash transfers to its neediest citizens next week as it tries to wean the country off costly subsidies.”

via Reuters

Africa and creditors wake up to debt dilemma

“In the tough years ahead, heavy debt burdens could push inflation up and pull growth down. Suppliers sink when the government stops paying its bills, and trade slows with uncertainty. Africa’s debt burden suddenly looms larger.”

via African Business Magazine

Sudan: Media crackdown escalates amid COVID-19 pandemic

“The Sudanese authorities crackdown on media, unions and journalists has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, with tightening state control over media, journalists being arrested and facing increasing pressure on their freedom to work.”

via IFJ

Community leaders fight COVID-19 alongside UNDP in Sudan

“In Sudan, UNDP is working with trusted local partners to respond and rebuild better as the ongoing pandemic threatens to reverse decades of progress in tackling poverty and inequality.”

via UNDP

COVID-19: Implications for the ‘digital divide’ in Africa

“COVID-19 has emphasised the ‘digital divide’, a term referring to the uneven access to/distribution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in societies, which is a global problem. However, it is even more pronounced on the African continent”


Sudan inflation soars to 99% as food prices rise

“The inflation rate in April shot up from 82 percent the previous month due to increased prices of grains, meat, milk and bread, according to the Sudanese Central Bureau of Statistics. Despite Sudan’s political transition, which has raised hopes of more reforms, the economy remains in deep crisis.”

via Arab News