Contact Tracing: Learning Lessons from Sierra Leone

“Working with the community, observing what they do, was no luxury in northern Sierra Leone: it was the key to stemming the outbreak.”

via African Arguments

Energy can power Africa’s recovery from pandemic and recession

“Economic development starts with access to modern energy. It underpins vital food supplies, powers homes and hospitals, and enables people to work, study and travel. But the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 crisis threaten to make it increasingly difficult to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal of bringing affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy to all.”

via The Africa Report

To Bolster Global Health Security, What About IMF Gold?

“The IMF owns about 90 million ounces of gold that at market value today is worth about $150 billion. The gold can be called ‘functionless’ for the IMF. It does not generate interest or investment income and it does not constitute collateral against which the IMF could borrow. Its only apparent purpose is to add to the reassurance of the Central Bankers of member countries that their funds are safe with the IMF.”

via Center for Global Development

Beyond Remittances: COVID-19 And The ‘Future’ Of African Diaspora-Homeland Relations

“Beyond the volume of remittances, COVID-19 raises questions and opens the possibility of transforming the mechanics of remittances; the change from cash-based transactions to technology-enabled formats such as mobile money.”

via African Leadership Centre

Empowering our cities to fight the pandemics of the future

“The overarching message was clear: the ability of cities to respond to the current pandemic has greatly exposed the inequalities across the world. Our cities, particularly across Africa which is the fastest urbanising continent, need to be better equipped to deal with future pandemics, and for that, we urgently need to confront the most critical roadblocks.”

via International Growth Centre

Coronavirus: ‘Status quo of women not sustainable, balance must be tilted’

“It is no secret that across the board, women are at a socioeconomic disadvantage compared to men; accordingly, the coronavirus pandemic is exposing and magnifying the extent of this inequality. As concerns for jobs, livelihoods and the state of the economy are being debated, it is crucial that we take a gendered approach to highlight the impact of the current global pandemic on women.”

via The Africa Report

This Country Fought Ebola. It May Beat Another Disease.

“Sierra Leone, drawing on its experience fighting an Ebola outbreak in 2014, offers a possible model for how to combat the coronavirus in a developing economy. The country is extremely poor, but it is deploying low-cost strategies to fight the pandemic that other low- and middle-income countries can adopt at large scale.”

via New York Times

IMF Executive Board Approves US$143 Million Disbursement to Sierra Leone to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund today approved the disbursement of SDR 103.7 million (US$143 million or 50 percent of quota) under the Rapid Credit Facility to Sierra Leone to help meet the urgent balance of payments and fiscal needs stemming from the COVID‑19 pandemic.”

via IMF

Bank of Sierra Leone stimulus package and its impact on the economy

“The Bank of Sierra Leone has taken a commendable first step in the recently published stimulus measures. What we now must examine is the package in its entirety, and how much of an impact it will make on the country’s financial system as a whole and most importantly, the lives of ordinary citizens.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Post-coronavirus: More sorrow for Africa’s new oil and gas producers

“For new producers in the pandemic era, some licensing rounds are likely to be cancelled, and production is being pushed back once more. Debt is becoming an even greater issue. Yet some investors—like Total in Uganda—still show signs of interest.”

via The Africa Report