News & Analysis: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone re-imposes lockdown on Freetown as COVID-19 cases spike

“The authorities of Sierra Leone have announced a new lockdown of the capital Freetown and a night curfew throughout the country to counter the ‘exponential’ increase of COVID-19 cases in the country.”

via Africa News

Mayor of Freetown: ‘Cities need inclusive COVID-19 responses to build back stronger. But we can’t do it alone.’

“95% of Covid-19 cases are reported in urban areas. That puts cities on the frontlines of a global public health crisis that is widening the gap between those with the comfort and safety of a home and those forced to leave their homes behind.”

via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Call for end to COVID-19 state of emergency as CDC lists Sierra Leone as low risk

“The CDC has listed Sierra Leone as one of only four countries in Africa, including Benin, Ivory Coast, and Rwanda, where travel and health risk due to COVID-19 is rated as low. Sierra Leone’s opposition politician Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has called for an immediate lifting of the State of Emergency laws.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Data for decision making in the COVID-19 crisis

“The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis. For governments to respond effectively, policymakers need quality data on the prevalence of the virus and its various social and economic impacts.”

via International Growth Centre

How can countries continue to combat malaria during a pandemic?

“Due to disruptions of the delivery of mosquito nets and anti-malarial medicines this year, the WHO has warned that malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could double. In fact, it is possible that disruptions due to COVID-19 will result in more deaths from malaria, TB and HIV than the coronavirus itself.”

via African Arguments

All People’s Congress Party (APC) condemns Bio’s government refusal to be audited for use of COVID-19 funds

“Critics of the government point out to the former APC government whom they say, set a good example by allowing a full audit of all Ebola funds received by the Koroma-led government in 2015 which unearthed the misappropriation of more than $14 million by corrupt officials.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Sierra Leone locked down early to contain COVID-19, but at a high price

“Sierra Leone locked down early and appears to have COVID-19 under control. But the country has paid a very high economic price, with the vast majority of people missing meals or eating less. Researchers warn that if the virus begins to spread again, these sacrifices may be hard to justify and replicate.”

via International Growth Centre

We Must Stop Flying Blind: Building on Existing Systems in Low- and Middle Income Countries To Improve The COVID-19 Response

“The pandemic has highlighted concerning gaps in data and weaknesses in surveillance systems that have long hampered public health systems globally, especially in low- and middle- income countries.”

via Center for Global Development

Sierra Leone lifts COVID-19 curfew to ease pressure on economy

“Sierra Leone’s National Centre for COVID-19 Response yesterday announced that the government has decided with immediate effect, to lift the night time curfew imposed by the president early this year to help curb the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus across the country.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

Changes in Energy Sector Financing During COVID-19: Lessons from the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

“Despite the importance of the energy sector in the context of a pandemic, energy investments during and post-Ebola declined sharply.”

via Sustainable Energy for All