News & Analysis: Sierra Leone

Changes in Energy Sector Financing During COVID-19: Lessons from the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

“Despite the importance of the energy sector in the context of a pandemic, energy investments during and post-Ebola declined sharply.”

via Sustainable Energy for All

COVID-19 is showing us how to improve health systems—sometimes by disrupting them

“Amidst all of the tragedy this pandemic has unleashed, something else is happening, too: By forcing governments and others to really look at health systems, it’s revealing opportunities for change.”

via Gates Foundation

Observing COVID-19 in Africa through a ‘public authorities’ lens

“To understand the response to COVID-19 in Africa we must look beyond actions taken by formal states. The roles played by various public authorities, operating below the national level, are crucial in shaping the pandemic’s long-term legacy.”

via Africa at LSE

Impact of COVID-19: Firms, jobs, and women’s employment

“Low demand is dragging on revenues and profitability, slowing any corresponding recovery in labour activity and employment. The nature of the shock means women’s employment is likely to be disproportionately affected, threatening to reverse progress in gender equality.”

via International Growth Centre

Impact of COVID-19: Health and community

“COVID-19 has upended healthcare systems and derailed non-COVID-19 related treatments. Facing this, traditional and religious leaders, as well as community health workers, are playing a pivotal role.”

via International Growth Centre

Sierra Leonean technologist’s app helps to fight COVID-19

“The Health Outbreak Manager software consists of an app and a comprehensive suite of tools that help collect and manage data for users and COVID-19 responders. Using live data feeds and user-reported information, officials and health organizations can monitor and manage the status of an outbreak and contain the spread.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

African Fiscal Vulnerabilities: Effects of 2020 Global Support Initiatives

“Fiscal vulnerabilities among African sovereigns had been building up in the years leading to 2020’s pandemic, driven by challenging economic conditions; unfavourable changes in exchange rates and commodity prices; in addition to significant borrowing, including loans from China, which today is Africa’s largest bilateral lender, alongside greater bond issuance.”

via Scope Ratings

Property taxes in a pandemic world

“While increasing demands are being placed on cities to address the current crisis and plan for resilience in the future, key sources of city government revenues are drying up. Taxes based on the value of property offer extraordinary potential for cities in financing urban recovery, but crucial to this is raising tax morale through visible investments in infrastructure and citizen engagement.”

via International Growth Centre

Sierra Leone government’s supplementary budget and the reality of COVID-19 economics

“Sierra Leone’s policymakers need a new roadmap for navigating the challenge of managing the pandemic and supporting the economy.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph

WHO to increase COVID-19 testing from 500 up to 1000 a day in Sierra Leone

“The World Health Organization Country Office has secured a grant of €500,000 from the German Technical Cooperation through a strategic partnership to increase COVID-19 testing capacity from 500 up to 1000 tests per day in Sierra Leone.”

via Sierra Leone Telegraph