News & Analysis: Morocco

Low COVID-19 death toll raises hopes Africa may be spared worst

“Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder whose charitable foundation is focused on the pandemic, has warned that, if left unchecked in a region of crowded slums and flimsy health systems, the disease could claim a horrifying 10m African lives. Yet, more than two months on, some are daring to whisper a more hopeful message. Maybe, just maybe, the continent could be spared the worst of the pandemic.”

via Financial Times

Let Africa into the market for COVID-19 diagnostics

“African countries are used to widespread testing for pathogens such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. This expertise can easily be adapted for SARS-CoV-2 testing. The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention… held the first of its training sessions in early February. By mid-March, 43 countries had gained competence to test for the virus – if appropriate reagents were accessible. But they are not.”

via Nature

North Africa and coronavirus: ‘Massively insufficient’ measures (podcast)

“The global pandemic of coronavirus may be waning in Asia and Europe, but it’s hasn’t quite peaked across Africa, and in particular North Africa. How is the region dealing with a sudden drop from tourism, oil and investment? Are governments trusted by their people to make the right decisions?”

via The Africa Report

Moroccan prison becomes coronavirus hotspot

“Sixty-eight people, mostly staff, have come down with the coronavirus at a prison in the southern Moroccan city of Ouarzazate, prison authorities said on Tuesday, without reporting any deaths. Earlier this month Morocco released 5,645 prisoners – some of them in poor health – to help reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading in its prisons as has happened in other countries.”

via Reuters

Moroccan builders call for gov’t to help as COVID-19 hammers construction sector

“Following a sharp drop in turnover by up to 75 pc, the National Federation of Builders and Public Works (FNBTP) sent a letter to the Head of the Govt, demanding financial support and a lift of the restrictions imposed on the sector.”

via The North Africa Post

Here’s how Africa can fight the COVID-19 pandemic

“African leaders must learn from countries that have already experienced the pandemic, in the way that South Africa is drawing lessons from South Korea. Furthermore, it is vital that governments collaborate effectively, share their experiences of tackling the virus, mobilize experts – both local and from the diaspora – and strengthen their coordination with the WHO.”

via World Economic Forum

How Morocco is Taking on Coronavirus

“Moroccans have learned that to reach the horizon beyond the virus we must address the equality gap among ourselves. I pray that as we and other countries strive to do so, we will also work to heighten solidarity among nations. Both gaps must be addressed in order to repair the world.”

via The National Interest

African airlines lose $4.4 billion in revenue following the spread of coronavirus on the continent

“Rwanda Air, and Air Mauritius are among airlines that have suspended flights to China. Morocco has suspended all international flights to and from its territory “until further notice” and Kenya Airways also suspended flights to countries affected by the virus… African airlines have recorded a loss of up to $4.4 billion in revenue since the virus surfaced.”

via CNN