News & Analysis: Economic impact

Mayor of Freetown: ‘Cities need inclusive COVID-19 responses to build back stronger. But we can’t do it alone.’

“95% of Covid-19 cases are reported in urban areas. That puts cities on the frontlines of a global public health crisis that is widening the gap between those with the comfort and safety of a home and those forced to leave their homes behind.”

via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Mapping the long road to recovery

“A lack of reliable data about caseloads and causes of the death, even changes in the death rates, has led to sharp policy changes. Some countries are shutting down again, some are reopening.”

via Africa Confidential

World Bank sees more countries in ‘deep debt distress’ this year

“Chad and several other countries are already in deep debt distress and more will join their ranks this year, given the severity of the global recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, World Bank Group President David Malpass said.”

via Reuters

Huge borrowing, COVID-19 shocks, leave region in a funding dilemma

“Excessive borrowing prior to the pandemic pushed countries closer to the debt ceiling with debt-to-GDP ratios now exceeding 50 percent. This leaves little room for external borrowing as the year starts.”

via The East African

Rwanda: Businesses to close at 6:00 PM as gov’t tightens COVID-19 restrictions

“All business operations, including restaurants, shops, markets and malls, will, effective January 5, close operations at 6:00 PM, as part of efforts to slow the spread of new COVID-19 infections in the country. “

via The New Times

Interview with Ladé Araba: Using Blended Finance to Tackle COVID-19 and Build Back Better

Ladé Araba, Managing Director for Africa at Convergence, talks to COVID-19 Africa Watch about blended finance’s potential role in building back after the pandemic, the core policy priorities, and her views on leadership.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

2021 needs to be Africa’s ‘focus on the money’ year

“Recent events show that Africa’s dependence on external sources of finance is no longer sustainable. It is time for the continent to develop its own lending institutions.”

via African Business Magazine

Interview with Julie Gichuru: Building Community Resilience and Leveraging Storytelling to Tackle COVID-19

COVID-19 Africa Watch talks to Julie Gichuru about the Mastercard Foundation’s response to COVID-19 in Africa.

via COVID-19 Africa Watch

Four Things to Know on How Liberia Is Reforming Its Economy Amid COVID-19

“The International Monetary Fund provided additional financial assistance of $48.86 million to the Republic of Liberia under a program launched at the end of last year.”

via IMF

How COVID-19 puts women at more risk than men in Gauteng, South Africa

“In South Africa, women have suffered severe economic and social impacts from the lockdown that was imposed to curb the spread of the virus.”

via The Conversation