News & Analysis: Health impact

Why Rwanda needs to scale up digitized healthcare

“Digitization of healthcare services has been said by experts as one of the paths to scale up healthcare access at the same time keeping costs minimal.”

via The New Times

The gravedigger’s truth: Hidden coronavirus deaths

“Fewer than 100 people have died of COVID-19 in Somalia, according to official figures. But BBC Africa Eye has found that cemeteries are filling up fast in the country, whose healthcare system has been devastated by three decades of conflict.”

via BBC

Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases surpass 40,000

“Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases have surpassed 40,000 mark after the nation recorded 555 fresh cases of the virus on Sunday. According to figures released by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, Nigeria now has 40,532 confirmed cases.”

via P.M. News (Nigeria)

COVID-19: Gov’t calls for strict adherence to protocols as Edo records five new deaths

“The Edo State Government has urged residents to strictly adhere to set guidelines to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as the death toll for the virus hits 77.”

via Vanguard (Nigeria)

African Development Bank approves $53 million COVID-19 response grant for Gambia, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

“The African Development Bank’s Board of Directors on Friday approved a UA 38.15 million ($53.25 million) multi-country grant to The Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone in the form of direct budget support to bolster efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the three West African countries.”

via AfDB

Over 10,000 health workers in Africa infected with COVID-19

“More than 10,000 health workers in the 40 countries which have reported on such infections have been infected with COVID-19 so far, a sign of the challenges medical staff on the frontlines of the outbreak face. This comes as COVID-19 cases in Africa appear to be gathering pace.”

via WHO Africa

Egypt’s homeless children hit hard by pandemic scourge

“Young people and children who roam the streets are among the poorest and are regularly exposed to verbal, physical and sexual violence and exploitation. The novel coronavirus, which has killed nearly 4,000 people and infected around 83,000 more in Egypt, has compounded their vulnerability, as the country battles an economic downturn and access to support is reduced due to lockdown measures.”

via Arab News

South Africa’s excess deaths surge as virus like ‘wildfire’

“Global hot spot South Africa is seeing a ‘huge discrepancy’ between confirmed COVID-19 deaths and much higher excess deaths from natural causes, while Africa’s top health official says the coronavirus is spreading there ‘like wildfire.'”

via AP News

Impact of COVID-19 in Africa: A scenario analysis to 2030

“For much of Africa, it seems likely that the larger infection and mortality impact of COVID-19 is still to come. Early efforts to contain the spread through travel restrictions, lockdowns and market closures have played an important role in constraining rates of infection in many countries, but have taken a heavy social and economic toll.”

via ISS

A state of disconnect

“African treasuries are putting a positive spin on their own finances, but the message from the markets is grim. Something has to give.”

via Africa Confidential