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Pandemic gives Africa a chance to free itself from aid dependency

“COVID-19 is reshaping our world in ways that require a redesign of our systems and changes in how we view our future. It is up to us as Africans to decide if we are to accept mere observer status or be a main player at the table.”

via Financial Times

There have been 7 million to 13 million excess deaths worldwide during the pandemic

“The estimated death rate for Sub-Saharan Africa is 14 times the official number.”

via The Economist

COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic

“Pandemic preparedness planning is a core function of governments and of the international system and must be overseen at the highest level. It is not a responsibility of the health sector alone.”

via The Independent Panel

How an outbreak became a pandemic

“We look at the state of preparedness prior to this pandemic, the identification of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease it caused (COVID-19) and responses globally, regionally and nationally, particularly in the pandemic’s early months, and the wide-ranging impact and social and economic crisis it has precipitated up to today.”

via The Independent Panel

Disease surveillance for the COVID-19 era: Time for bold changes

“As communities and economies struggle to recover from the consequences of these surveillance deficiencies, now is the time for countries and multilateral agencies to take a hard look at what failed and to act boldly to implement the necessary improvements to disease surveillance.”

via The Lancet

The stark global divide in the COVID-19 pandemic

“COVAX has relied heavily on Indian developers for supplies, but deliveries have now stalled as India grapples with a violent resurgence of the pandemic. With more than 930,000 people inoculated in Kenya so far, vaccines are expected to be exhausted in the coming days.”

via CNN

The High Cost of Underrating Africa

“International credit-rating agencies perennially assign overinflated risks to Africa, irrespective of its improving macroeconomic fundamentals or the global economic environment. These ‘perception premiums’ are one of the region’s biggest development challenges.”

via Project Syndicate

Fatigue may be fatal

“The COVID-19 experience in Africa has been something of a rollercoaster ride. Early predictions were calamitous, then it seemed to pass ominously mildly (unless you were in South Africa) but now, looking at the current Indian experience, one senses that the caretakers of coronavirus on the continent are very nervous. The Indian variant has a foothold. Might it scale?”

via Africa Confidential

Medical supplies platform could be the model to fast track PPE supplies and vaccines to Africa and beyond

“While Covax is a necessary and laudable effort, its ambitions and timelines were always going to fall short of what the developing world needed, including much of Africa. So while leaders around the world were glued to their phones, Zimbabwean businessman and philanthropist Strive Masiyiwa was on video calls setting up something a little different. He and about 30 African colleagues established the non-profit Africa Medical Supplies Platform.”

via Daily Maverick

COVID-19 is a global humanitarian emergency – act like it

“The world has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a global health crisis, but it’s time we shift gears and recognise it for the global humanitarian emergency that it is.”

via The New Humanitarian