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COVID-19 pushes African airlines to the brink

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on Africa’s airlines, but some analysts suggest that a more streamlined industry offering better services could emerge as a result.”

via African Business Magazine

Access, funding stand in Africa’s path to getting COVID-19 vaccine

“According to CDC-Africa, the continent needs two billion doses in order to vaccinate 60% of the population to contain the pandemic… The challenge facing Africa is access: availability of the required vaccine doses and access to financing to make purchases.”

via The East African

‘Moral issue’: African official blasts COVID-19 vaccine inequality

“Africa’s top public health official has said “it will be extremely terrible to see” rich countries receiving COVID-19 vaccines while African countries go without it, especially as a new surge in cases begins on the continent of 1.3 billion people.”

via The Herald

Digital Disruption in Africa – Mapping Innovations for the AfCFTA in Post COVID-19 Times

“The rise in ecommerce particularly with the onset of COVID-19, signals a strong foundation upon which to leverage 4IR to support digitised inter-regional trade, large scale industrialisation, and the creation of a vibrant African economy.”


COVID-19: China’s Debt Relief

“African countries are spending around 2.5% of GDP to combat COVID-19’s impacts. While this is this is significantly below spending by other regions, set against this is a prevailing narrative that African countries owe huge debts to China, and this is impairing African countries’ abilities to address COVID-19, or indeed, to continue to function in a stable way.”

via Development Reimagined

Mo Ibrahim: Why Africa must emerge more resilient from the COVID-19 crisis

“The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed economies and societies around the world, and in Africa the crisis risks reversing the governance and development successes of the last few decades.”

via Atlantic Council

Put human rights at the centre of our battle against COVID-19

“COVID-19 has exacerbated human rights violations related to health, including stigma, discrimination, gender-based violence and police brutality. In some countries, vulnerable groups have been turned into scapegoats for the new pandemic.”

via Mail & Guardian

Nigerian economy at risk of ‘unravelling,’ warns World Bank

“The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic will send personal incomes in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, back four decades. If Africa’s biggest oil producer is to avoid a prolonged recession, it will have to enact a series of potentially politically unpopular reforms.”

via Financial Times

Kenya Airways eyes role in distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Africa

“Kenya’s national carrier Kenya Airways is seeking to play a role in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Africa. The airline is banking on its stature as a well connected airline in Africa to take the vaccines to every region on the continent using its networks and cargo routes.”

via The East African

Africa-led solutions to expedite access to COVID-19 vaccines

“Actions that African governments take today will not only enable a sustainable and quality-assured supply of efficacious vaccines to fight the pandemic but will also help maintain public trust.”

via Devex